gardenias for my mother in law

i love my mother in law; she’s such a wonderful person and she helps us so much. so when i bought the BIG BUNDLE, there was a $20 gift certificate to 1800flowers.com.

this weekend, 1800flowers.com ran a promotion where you get free UPS shipping for buying certain flowers and plants. james and i got a little something for her at a awesome deal!


gardenia with ceramic planter

we bought this gardenia plant with a ceramic planter for her. i didn’t want flowers because they’ll die after a couple of days. i figure with a plant, at least she can water it and it can grow, therefore lasts longer!  :)

cost:                   $34.99

shipping:          $12.99

free shipping: -$14.99

gift cert:             -$20

tax:                      $2.89

the total was    $15.88

we also went through bing.com with a cashback of 20%. i received an email from bing that my CB is $7, thereby making this only $8.88!! how cool is that? what a slickdeal huh?