loving: samsung galaxy s3 – marble white

phone and case screenshots:

i love new gadgets, including new phones. i don’t get them just because they’re the newest thing though. my contract was expiring this year so since we’re going to stick with at&t anyway, why not get a phone? the last time i upgraded was in 2010, to the first galaxy s. that was a great phone too. i totally missed out on the s2 but the s3 is the best phone i could have gone for! i’m an android fan through and through because i love personalizing and customizing my phone. i love that each person can set up their phone anyway they want. android has also involved so much since the early days and i love it! i am also eagerly awaiting the new android jelly bean os. yippee!!

i have been playing with the s3 for almost 2 weeks and i think this is just an all around awesome phone. ice cream sandwich is just super snappy and the phone itself is just so darn fast compare to the old galaxy s that i have. the touchscreen is way more responsive and smooth that i can’t tell when i’m using wi-fi or att’s 4g. it is that seamless whereas i always noticed a difference before. this phone also blows away the responsiveness of the amazon kindle fire. yes, it is that good. there are still so many things and apps i have not used but am looking forward to trying out when i get there. one thing i am doing differently is not installing as many game apps that i did with the last phone. it just provides a magnet for my kids. as much as i love love them dearly, i don’t want this phone to be another game device since i, myself, do not play them much.

here are the specs of the galaxy s3 at a glance (more here):

  • 3G/4G LTE connectivity
  • Android 4.0 (ICS)
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor
  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen
  • 16 GB memory + microSD
  • 8-MP camera, HD 1080p video capture
  • GPS navigation
  • Wireless-N Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Personal/corporate e-mail

in the last week, i have switched from the go launcher ex to the nova launcher prime and have not looked back. i have installed more than a dozen apps and tools to play around with and there are just so so many options that my brain is still swirling. i have downloaded a bunch of custom icon packs and wallpapers from deviant art. in short, i am loving the device and totally recommend this if you’re in the market for an android phone. i debated shortly between this and the galaxy note but went with this one because of personal choice. the note may be a bit too bulky for me to carry around at 5.3 inches. i did have my eyes set on the note when i first contemplated upgrading but the s3 debuted and the rest is history. ^o^

home screens and lock screens (largely inspired by this website):

my first attempt at making the wallpapers and setting up widgets, etc. after i got done with the set up i was sick of the pink. :(

my 2nd attempt saw me going to something  little more neutral with the colors not as overwhelming. i simply love love the set up of this. the wallpaper is just gorgeous too!


there were so many accessories that it’s almost overwhelming to choose. gone are the days where the only things you find are for iphones. amen to that! after using the otterbox for the galaxy s, i no longer want a case that covers everything but the screen and made the phone super bulky. in the past, anyone seeing me take the galaxy s out of the case were always surprised that the phone was so thin. yea, the otterbox did protect the phone but made it…ugly and boxy.

with those thoughts in mind, i wanted something that will protect my phone but kept the slim shape of it. afterall, being a slim phone is part of the reason it’s so darn nice. i saw the stock photo of the SPIGEN SGP ultra thin air slim fit hard case in mint and i was sold. instead of a wrap around rubber glove case like the otterbox, this is just the hard slim back case. the color is also gorgeous gorgeous!! it is called “mint” and it’s a super pretty pastel turquoise. as long as you’re mentally prepared that this case does not provide the protection that the otterbox does, then it is all good. after two years of the bulky otterbox, i’ll take my chances and enjoy my slim phone. LOL

with the case, i also bought a pack of 3 screen protectors and a samsung 32gb micro sdhc class 10 card. for now, i think i’m set until for another 2 years. :D

  • linkie

    Hi. I really like your screen for http://tenshigirl.com/2012/08/26/loving-samsung-galaxy-s3-marble-white/#

    Possible to guide me on how to do it like yours? I totally have no idea how to start customising it. :D


  • linda

    ohh i love your wallpaper!! <3<3
    can u make me one too! :P i have motorola razor…. or email me where i can do it myself or something. :D


  • http://cafechi.net shellie

    thanks linda! :)

    unfortunately i do not have experience with the motorola razor. i can tell you what i did using photoshop. :) it is not hard, just a bit time consuming to set up the wallpapers. do you use widgets and stuff on your phone?


  • http://www.beautifultomorrow.net/ Linda

    yep i have widgets and i can move around stuff just like your phone. ;) oh i have a sumsung galaxy s3 too, its on borrow. :D so i can play around with it too.

    so all i need to do is look for icon/wallpaper pack? and instead it?