Cloud storage

Have you try any of the new cloud storage services? They seem to be all the rage now it seems. I have use Drop box for the longest time and I absolutely love it! I think cloud storage is the of the best thing ever! The days of plugging your phone to the pc to transfer images or documents so you can have it on both are gone for me.

I have utilize drop box so much since I have signed up for it that I cannot imagine not having it. It is on both my husband’s and my phone and we just sync whatever it is we want to. It has been wonderful!

A few months ago I synced a few videos of Alex and ran out of space. Mind you, and I have over 7gb of storage space but videos take up a lot. I managed to back them up to my external hard drive to free up the space but it got me thinking – more wouldn’t hurt.

There are lots of choices out there now offering anywhere from 2gb to 7gb for free. I have signed up for a few more just to test and have more options.

Below are what I currently have:

Dropbox – you get 2gb free. They had a promotion a while ago and I was able to up mine to 7gb. Plenty unless you have videos. :) I also find dropbox to be super easy to sync and use. You can’t go wrong with this. There are also easy steps you can do to increase your storage space and the little “tour” book is super cute!

Google drive – you get 5gb. I find this easy to use and again plenty for those docs and images.

Sky drive – own by Microsoft and offers 7gb. I have this for the longest time but haven’t really use it yet.

Cubby – this offers 5gb and is currently in beta so it is invitation only. Hubby is using this one to test out. Of all of these I love the simple design of this the best. It may have something to do with the very simple white and green look. The website looks simple and awesome too. The only thing is that i have to go to cubby on my phone and look for the files i want to sync. i’m so used to viewing the file i want to sync on my phone, and using the share option to pick the cloud storage program. this is going the other way for me but i’ll get use to it since it is very fast. i synced all these screenshots to cubby on my s3 and uploaded directly to wordpress from the cubby pc program. this may be my new favorite. ^^

Sugar sync – offers 5gb. I signed up but have not use it so far. as with cubby, this is not an option for me when choosing the “share” for my files.

Box – offers 5gb to start. I was able to score 50gb so it is going to come in handing and make sure I won’t run out of space anytime soon. Lol i may be doing something wrong but i can’t seem to view the synced files on the pc program. if i want to see them, it takes me directly to my online box account. if that is the case, this may be my last option out of all of them.

So there you have it. By all means not all the options out there but plenty to choose from.