fluffy mail: mineral fusion, real techniques, and shu uemura

it has been a while since my last make up / skin care purchase. i’m expecting my baby any day now and i have been nesting for the last 2 weeks. i have gotten pretty much everything i could possibly can done in preparation for his arrival. now is the waiting game. i mean, there is always things to be done but i’m so uncomfortable lately that i can’t do much anymore. at as i am typing this, i’m feeling a lot of braxton hicks. i guess that is why i’m back to online shopping and buying some thing i want / need. LOL unfortunately, i shouldn’t be buying but since i did purged a bunch of stuff a month ago, i’m using that as an excused.

drugstore.com have an awesome sale of 40% off all make up and accessories (ends tonight i believe) so i had to grabbed something. 40% off is just too good a price to pass up, right? i don’t really use any drugstore products as i’m either always disappointed by the quality or shades i get when i do buy them. as a rule of thumb now, i don’t buy any drugstore foundations, concealers, or pressed powders. i can never find my shade. so for this sale, i grabbed some mineral fusion, real techniques brushes, and e.l.f palettes.

mineral fusion – simply packagings

sparkle bronzer, pressed powder in olive 1, and blush in impact

before i ordered the mineral fusion, i actually went over to whole foods and tested the bronzer, blush, and pressed powder (so i can find my shade). my reason for these products – my only two bronzers are cargo in medium matte and jemma kidd’s (which is too dark for winter). i’m almost hitting pan on the cargo so i figured a new one is in order. same with the pressed powder. my only one is origins and that one is already hitting pan. as for the blush, i tried it at whole foods and it’s just a beautiful brownish-red color that i do not currently own in my stash. i tested flashy too (which i was going to do a blind buy) but that one is a pretty coral: a shade i already have. these products are natural and at 40% off, were too good to pass up (again).

bronzer in sparkle – not much sparkle eh?

pressed powder in olive 1

blush in impact

bronzer on top, pressed powder middle, and blush at bottom. the blush is definitely not that red

impact blush swatched and blended on my arm

the bronzer is such a pretty color when i tested it. it has some sparkle (hence the name) but nothing overly dramatic. i think i can still get away with wearing it this winter. it is not too dark either (ala jemma kidd’s). the pressed powder shade i was matched to is olive 1. they have different shades of cool 1, cool 2, cool 3, warm 1, warm 2, warm 3, olive 1, olive 2, and olive 3. the difference in shades is actually so very subtle that it probably won’t make a difference much. the powder is also very finely milled and feels very light on the face. i was going to get a setting powder too but i may just use this in place of and see how i like it.

real techniques powder brush, stippling brush, and expert face brush

close up of the brushes

i must have thrown away some of my brushes because i can’t find a couple of them. none of mine are very expensive anyway but still, you have to have decent ones, right? i ended up using e.l.f’s foundation brush with my sample of make up forever hd foundation. boy, did it made a mess of my foundation and coverage was uneven. i decided i need a new foundation brush then and there. i did a search on inexpensive brushes and came across the real techniques brushes, mostly with positive reviews. drugstore.com carry them as well but all except the essential travel set were not included in the 40% off sale. they were reasonably priced too. i thought about getting more ecotools but decided to give these a try instead. i got an ulta coupon and promptly head over to ulta the next day. so far, i have 3 real techniques brushes and let me tell you, i think these are just AWESOME!! way better than eco tools. they feel a lot more expensive then they are! the ones i have are the stippling brush, powder brush, and expert face brush. using the stippling brush for my foundation the next day was a breeze! the foundation was evenly distributed and made my blotchy skin just about flawless!! i used the powder brush today for setting my powder and i love that too. i have not use the expert face brush but i will tomorrow. i’m going to test that with the sana bb cream powder. all in all, i am more than happy with these brushes and cannot wait to receive the essential travel set when it arrives from drugstore.com, hopefully in the next week or so as it is on backordered.

i want more!!!

i am already planning on getting back ups of these when they go on sale at ulta. yep yep! :)

shu uemura uv under base mousse spf 30 in beige

my last fluffy mail item today is my beloved shu uemura uv under base mousse spf 30 in beige. this is one of the few few items (i can count them all on one hand) that has achieved HG status and it is not going anywhere soon. i am not interested in trying any other primers out there, that is how much i love this mousse. i finished the first one and am on the second. this is my 3rd and back up for when i finish the 2nd. i got it on ebay (again) for $28.75 including shipping for a 65g (2.2 oz). this is true true love! *heaving a sigh with the song ‘i’m a believer’ blasting in my mind*

that is it for now! i have a bunch more stuff coming in – seriously it is like i’m making up for the past months of not buying any make up. at least i am all done for now. i have mini – hauls coming from drugstore (yep there is more!), sephora, ulta, and hsn. until then!