review: sana pore putty bb cream and bb cream pact

i just don’t have luck with bb creams. i tried a bunch of missha and 2 of skin 79’s but they were too thick, hard to spread, too ashy or just too pale for my skin. i did tried a sample of smashbox’s bb cream and it was nice but i’m not really blown away.

i was browsing sasa.com’s bb creams selection (i browse a lot huh?) and the sana bb creams were really decently priced with wonderful reviews. i did a bit more research and found that a lot of people really like them. i added them to my order because i couldn’t decide which one i wanted to try. when they arrived, they were a lot smaller than i expected, especially the bb cream pact. however, i realize a little goes a long way with the cream and the creamy consistency is easy to work with.

sana pore putty bb cream spf 50 (30g) and pore putty bb cream pact spf 40

when i first tested the bb cream pact, it seem way too light for my skin while the liquid bb cream look alright when blended. the liquid consistency is thinner than the missha or skin 79 and does not have the ashy grey cast to it. it is also much easier to spread.

this morning, i tested both. the photos were taken with my samsung galaxy s3, straight out of the phone. i only cropped and resized them. no post-processing is done as i want to capture the most accurate skin tone and lighting.

 here is a photo of my blotchy skin. i have on moisturizer and the shu uemura uv base mousse

after applying the bb cream pact lightly with a damp sponge. it seemed to even my skin out without covering everything

i tried to take a photo of my cheek and neck to see how much off the bb cream is. i don’t remember applying it that far down my neck?

my other blotchy side

after applying a thin layer of the bb cream liquid with the real techniques expert face brush

i don’t know if it’s the lighting or not but this one seem to blend and match my neck better

my face after setting the bb creams with mineral fusion pressed powder in olive 1. my skin looks pretty even out. i can’t really tell the difference now. can you? i had a rough night hence the frappuccino. ;)

i added the mineral fusion bronzer in sparkle and blush in impact

i added some shadows, liner, and nars pure matte lipstick in tonkin topped with yes to carrots! lip gloss in flirty pink. then i blotted my lips a few times. i also tried highlighting my cheekbones and eyes – i used jemma kidd’s mannequin skin. whether it’s done right is anyone’s guess. lol

 Final conclusion: i am not 100% sure if the bb creams worked okay…i can probably get away with using the liquid. the bb cream pact might not work so much. i do love the way both apply and go on. i just wish they were closer to my skin color.

what do you think? are they totally off?

  • Jess

    Hi, do u think if the color will match nc15-20? Thanks.


    shellie reply:

    hi jess!

    i believe so. i’m nc25-30 and these are lighter than that, with the bb pact a shade lighter than the bb cream. i hope that helps!