my mini-hauls from sephora & ulta

today was a beautiful day compared to the heavy rain we got yesterday. i went and spent 3 hours at the mall today all by myself. i treated myself (of course! LOL) and i did a lot of walking to see if i can help this baby along.

i stopped at nordstrom first to look at the bobbi brown counter. i did a quick swatch of the bb cream since i have been wanting to try that. what’s funny is that i chatted this morning with both the beauty advisor from nordstrom and bobbi brown online to see which bb cream shade would match me best. the bobbi brown advisor said “medium dark” and the nordstrom advisor said “fair”. LOL it seem from the store swatch that “medium” would be the best shade. i like the creamy consistency but wasn’t totally impress with the shade even though it’s probably the closest. i’ll need to sleep on that.

my mini-hauls from sephora, ulta, and hsn 

hourglass veil fluid make up and veil primer 

 my next stop was sephora. i was just browsing with nothing really catching my eyes until i got to the hourglass stand. i suddenly want to try the veil fluid make up foundation. the sa did a shade match on one side of my face and matched me to 1.5 nude. it seem to just disappeared into my skin and is not heavy at all. it left my skin slightly dewy. she said the shade seem to be made for me. granted, this was inside the store and the lighting isn’t the best. she made me a generous sample of the foundation and the veil primer. yippee! i can’t wait to really test this foundation tomorrow. it looks very promising.

cosmetic wedges, face brush, eyelashes, cargo primer, and cargo lipgloss

 sephora also have cargo’s stuff on clearance. cargo is not going out of business. they are going to be an exclusive at ulta so if you are lucky enough to find them still at sephora, they are at a great price. i managed to pick up the cargo blu ray activating face primer for $11 and a lip gloss in Juneau for $4. then i saw sephora’s face brush for $1 and got that too. hehehe

next stop: baby gap. i couldn’t really find anything to get from here so i went one stop over: gap kids. i bought the girls each 3 long sleeve t-shirts in various graphic designs. i think they are so pretty! sorry no pictures because the girls put them away already.

my next stop was ulta. i wanted to look at nyx’s mosiac blushes and their regular blushes but they were all out. wow! so instead of walking out empty handed, i got some cosmetic wedges and a pair of ardell fake eyelashes. i think using the wedges to apply foundation gives a beautiful natural finish.

so yep, that really took 3 hours. i mean, i really took my time walking and went from one end of the mall to the other. i can feel the soreness in my legs and thighs now.

lorac sweet temptation full face collection and benefit watt’s up and lipgloss set

this isn’t from sephora or ulta but here’s what arrived today: my mini-haul from hsn! lovely huh? the lorac palettes really look like yummy chocolate bars and the benefit watt’s up highlighter came with a full size lip gloss. i can’t wait to try them!

now i’m tired and just ready to sit back and put my feet up. happy tuesday! :D