I had my baby!

My baby boy is here! He was born on October 24th at 17:01 and weigh 6 pounds and 5 ounces. He was 20.5 inches long.

On that day, I started cramping early in the morning, and maybe 4-5ish. It wasn’t until 9ish in the morning that I realized it was really contractions. It wasn’t painful even then. I just relaxed and didn’t do anything for the whole morning. At 2:15pm, I went walking around for about 30 minutes to hopefully speed things along. At this time the painful had gotten worse but was still 10 minutes apart. I thought I would take a short nap do I was back in bed by 3pm. Unfortunately this was when things started real hurting and coming at 5 minutes apart. I seriously slept a minute or so in between contractions for almost an hour.

With this and the last pregnancy it seem like the pain was just so much more painful due to the back, stomach, and pressure all around. At 4pm there was way too much pressure going on and thinking of all the procedures the nurses still have to go through with me, I told the hubby it was time to go. We didn’t get out the door until 20 after 4pm. We stopped once at the top of the stairs because my contractions came on and at the the door. In was seriously hanging on by a thread. It was so darn painful!

Hubby parked by the emergency entrance and as we were walking up to the door, a tech came out and assisted us by giving me a wheelchair and another wisked me away to labor and delivery. Didbi mention so many twists and turns there are? I noticed that even in the midst of my pain because it would take us too long to find the way.

He dropped off at ld and 3-4 ladies came around to help us right away. Of course I pre registered but still had to sign some stuff and boy there seemed to be many.

By the time I got in the bed, got asked more questions that I sort of whispered the answers to in between painful contractions, I was 9 cm dilated. I asked for someone to break my water so u can push but they said not yet since the doctor is on her way and they still need to finish hooking me up. I was ready to screamed but understood why. The doctor arrived, my iv was in and the baby stuff was all set up when the doc sat down and broke my water. I pushed through the next three contractions and he was here!

The nurses were all impressed; the doctor hope her delivery (she’s expecting) will be that fast and easy, and said from the time we arrived to delivery was about 21 minutes! It seems to me like hours! Regardless, I was so very thankful for everyone’s help and told them so.

Man it must be because I am much older but my body took a much harder toll this time around! I can hardly walk around much less lift anything. Every part of me feels like it doesn’t want to work properly! I hope everything resolves itself fast because I need to be up, moving, and getting things done. I can walk but it’s not pretty. Lol

I know this isn’t my first but my body is acting like it. For now, I am totally in love with my baby and am looking forward to the growing up stages. Let me just say – each baby feels like the first all over again and I love these moments!

Thanks for reading! :-)