Good morning World!

beautiful morning!

Happy Saturday! I couldn’t wake up at 5am this morning though I was awake enough to answer the math question on my phone and turned the alarm off. LOL Yes, I have the Timely app and it’s kind of fun when I’m really sleepy.

As I’m sitting outside typing this, there is a bit of breeze so hoping it won’t get too warm today so I can run errands. I’m going to register the girls for Ballet classes this summer so they won’t be so bored staying home. Class will only be once a week but it’s something they can look forward to. They have been asking forever. ┬áThat’s the Big Thing today.

Then last night on a whim, I bought a Groupon to a Korean restaurant! I can’t wait to go and try it out. I want some really good Korean food! So looking forward to it. What’s really funny is that I have almost $200 worth of Restaurant.com certificates I bought from years ago when they were on sale for $2- $4 each (for a value of $25) that I haven’t used. I’ve given some away to co-workers but still have some left. I could just use those but there hasn’t been any eye-catching places I want to try lately so they just sat. I love that they don’t expire and you can always trade in a certificate you had already redeemed to a specific restaurant back into a general certificate you can use for another restaurant.

Talking about food makes me hungry already. Enjoy your Saturday!