Nature Republic mini haul

I went to a Nature Republic store today and planned on buying the snail foam cleanser that I have been testing and loving. Unfortunately, they’re out and will probably get some next week. I then looked around since I’ve never been to a Korean skin care / beauty store and everything is just so neat and prettily set up. I noticed most of the Asian skincare / beauty items have such pretty pretty packagings. Hey, it’s the little things. :)


The emulsion housed in a heavy glass bottle. 


Side by side of the Nature Republic emulsion and the Laneige

Though they didn’t have what I want, I grabbed a few things that I did not plan on getting but will do nicely for now. I ran out of the Laneige Bright Plus Emulsion days ago and have been using the Kose Sekkisei cream as an alternative. I’m not really feeling that one. This Aqua Super Aqua Max White C Waterful Emulsion was on sale for $6.99 for a 150ml bottle. Whew what a mouthful! Anyway, I needed an emulsion and this has vitamin C and is brightening so it sounds like a similar replacement. I love the Laneige but it is also 5x the price of this one though I found out I’m not a fan of the Nature Republic’s opening. Instead of a pump, it just have a small hole and you have to smack it pretty hard on your palm to get a bit of the emulsion out. I have to be doing it wrong somehow…


The pretty blue bottle of hydro ampoule

The 2nd item I picked up is the Original Power Hydro Ampoule to help with extra hydration. It was on sale for $12 for a 30ml bottle. This cute bottle has a dropper (yeah!) so you can dispense the exact amount desired.


Fingers crossed for this magic remover to really work like magic

For the last item, I picked up the Magic Remover Makeup Gel since it was on sale for $3.90 for a 100ml tube and the reviews were pretty favorable. I’m almost out of The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil and have not yet purchase a back up so I will use this as a replacement. That is the plan anyway.


The generous samples of foam cleanser and snail booster and emulsion

Last but not least, the super friendly sales lady gave me these samples because they didn’t have the snail foam cleanser. She was such a great help answering my questions while I was there.

I’m pretty happy with the prices and had an awesome first time shopping at Nature Republic. I can’t wait to go back next week!