About Me

Welcome to my personal blog,Tenshigirl.

I’m a mom, a wife and spontaneous is my middle name. :) I just do things very randomly! Reading never gets old and I love a good book. The same goes for movies. I watch Korean and Chinese dramas too although it is harder for me to get suck into them as they are very time consuming. In that, I tried to choose wisely but have been burned multiple times. I can be techy (is that even a word?). I love Android for this simple reason. Customizing at its best. I also strive to be more frugal. I don’t always succeed but the best of my intentions are there.

This blog is where all my random ramblings live!

About blog

I blog using WordPress. It is a wonderful versatile script and all the plugins just rock! Take it for a test drive at WordPress.com.

Thanks to onigiri for the super duper cute smilies. –> ;) the site is super kawaii too! The vector girl graphic is courtesy of all-free-download.com. Ton of beautiful free vectors there.


The domain was born on January 17, 2001 (hence the GIRL in the domain ^^) at Godaddy and was previously hosted by knownhost.com. It is now with Uberhost (a division of Knownhost) and I totally recommend them. It started out as a fun collective site and has, in the course of these many years, gradually evolved into my personal blog.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.