My Note 3 using Atom Launcher

Since my post below, I have owned the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and now the Note 3. I love both devices. Here are my favorite apps since the S3. In no particular order.

1) Line Camera
I love this app, not for the camera but for the filters, frame borders, date stamps and other cute stamps. I run a lot of photos through this app. There’s a Facebook share button too. My favorite all time photo editing app! Love it!

line cameralinecamera2

2) Hay Day
Now this is a game, and such an addicting game it is! Similar to Farmville and Frontierville, it’s a farming game. Other than that, this game is on a whole different level as it utilizes smooth gesture controls and use no energy for the tasks you perform. You can buy items you need from other players and sell your stuff from your stall. You can play with or without any neighbors which makes a big difference. You’re not waiting on any one other than the time it takes for your animals or fields to be ready to harvest. It is great and I’m totally loving it!


3) SolMail and Cloud Magic
Since the last phone, mail apps have gotten so much better and does a lot more than the native app. My two current favorites are Solmail and CloudMagic is the follow. I listed both of them because if combined, it would be my ultimate mail app. I’m back to using Solmail because of the swype to delete feature on Solmail works best for me. What this does is the email gets deleted right away when you swype left. In CloudMagic, swyping gives you the option to delete the email, but you have to click on the icon so it’s a two step process. I am lazy – I want one step. If you’re reading an email in Solmail, you can swype left or right to go to the next email. This can’t be done in CloudMagic so you’ll need to go back and click on the next email you want to read/view. Again, I’m lazy and the less click / swype I have to do, the better. The font is whatever your default android font is for Solmail, depends on your if that is a good thing or bad thing. The Search option, however, is far superior on CloudMagic. You can also add emails to Evernote and add reminders which makes CloudMagic a very powerful email client. I prefer the other features in Solmail a lot more than those combined. If CloudMagic adds these, I will definitely switch back. The first 2 screenshots are Solmail and the last 2 are CloudMagic.



Here are some of my favorite apps since buying the Samsung Galaxy S3. Only one of them is a paid app which mean the others are all free. Yippee! They make everything I do on my phone so much easier, faster, and a breeze. I find myself opting for my handset often. The reason? My handset is set up with these and it will take me much longer on my pc or desktop.

Here are some apps that I found and love (most can be found in the Google Playstore):

1) Android Email client – i have tried multiple email clients and prefer this native stock app on Android. I can see all email accounts that hubby and I have. This cut down on signing in and out of each individual Site. It has also helped keep our mailboxes clean and current. Anything we don’t need are deleted right away. I don’t leave a bunch of unread messages like I do on the laptop or desktop. Why? I couldn’t quite say.

2) Cam scanner – this is such a gem! You know, sometimes you have letters, forms or receipts that you want to keep copies of and get rid of the hard copies? I don’t know about you but it is a hassle turning my scanner on and then scanning my docs and saving them. This awesome app comes in super handy for this type of job. All you do is take a picture of whatever it is you want. The app automatically resize it and save it. You can convert it to pdf too! All this in less than the take it takes me to turn on and warm up my scanner. Definitely a keeper.

3) Cloud Print – another wonderful app! This is by no means perfect but it works! You connect your home printer to your Google account and print to that printer anywhere from your phone. Isn’t that a super cool concept? If your printer is not ‘cloud ready’, your pc wiill need to be on in order to submit a print job. If your printer is ‘cloud ready’ and wireless, the pc doesn’t. When I said it’s not perfect, I mean that sometimes certain pages I want to print just doesn’t work regardless of what I do. The printout is all weird and just does not look right. The second thing I cannot do is select color option. My printer is defaulted to Greyscale printing only but I sometimes get colored printouts. Oh well. I am sure future updates will address these issues eventually. The app still comes highly recommended.

4) SwiftKey 3 – phones are just not easy to type on. Native auto correct is also horrible! That is why I do not email or text from my phone before. That has all changed I am happy to declared! I did not believe a keyboard app could do so much for my typing and totally convert me to wanting to find a reason to type on my handset. Unbelievable yeah? Well, not long ago, the Play store put some of the apps on a summer sale. I saw this mentioned on slick deals. I didn’t plan to buy it but I was curious because of the raves. Thankfully, on that app page there is a YouTube video showing how it works. I was fascinated and at only. 99 cents couldn’t find a reason not to get it. Let’s just say the rest is history and the app work just as shown on the video. I will type whatever I want and it auto corrects to exactly what I meant to type. Backspace and deleting are kept to a bare minimum. The SwiftKey get all my typing right 99. 5% of the time; that is almost scary good.

5) Pocket – there is the option to bookmark sites and then there is the Pocket app. I “bookmark” on my laptop and pc but not on my handset. Where this app comes in handing is that you can send any articles, images, sites, etc to your Pocket so you can view them later. I have done so much of that lately, especially wheen I do not have time to read everything or just want to save and reference it later. It is very simple but I love it!

6) Chrome – aahh! There are so many browsers to choose from. My favorite before was Dolphin browser until I installed Chrome as backup and never look back. I also have chrome on my pc and laptop so they work well together. I installed the Chrome to Phone plug in on my pc and laptop and can send any useful sites or web info directly to my phone from my pc. Again, I think that is super cool so I don’t have to search for it again when I am out and about. Chrome browser also works with the cloud print app option for printing.

7) Instagram – one of the best photo / social app! I am not sure why it took me so long to install this but it is awesome! Like instant photoshop without all the hassle. I love the borders and different photo options. A fun, fast and easy way to beautify your photos, instantly.

There you have it! All my current favorite apps! :)