Japanese fondue


Shabu Japanese Fondue

Remember the Restaurant.com certificates I have available from years ago? I redeemed one $25 to Shabu Japanese Fondue. You have to purchase at least $37.50 but that was easy to do. James and I went out for dinner last evening and this was where we went. The place was a bit short staffed but they really tried to get everyone their food which to me was good enough. The setting was dimmed, almost a nice intimate feel to it. We ordered the dinner combo for 2 with beef and pork and sides of shrimp and scallops. We opted for the miso broth, made spicy. I don’t know if you can see all the red pepper flakes floating in the pot. :)

The waiter had to make multiple trips to our table because there were so many dishes as you can see from the photos. First it was the pot so we can swish our food in, the garnish and dipping sauces, the veggies and noodles (which was awesome by the way!), meats and rice. You really do use the whole table space to place everything. It was our first time trying out fondue and we loved it! The meal was plentiful and it’s not the heavy feeling you get from eating stir fry, such as at a buffet.

First, we swished our veggies and noodles. It cooked super fast, just a few minutes depending on how soft or crunchy you want the veggies. Noodles only took a minute. The dipping sauces were a sesame sauce and a light citrusy soy sauce (yummy!). Here you had to eat slow, it is a process as you cook your food and slowly enjoy. We made our way to the meats and they were delicious too! I didn’t have more than 2 bites of the rice as there were so much food! They have a All you can eat option too but I don’t think I can do that one.

After we gobbled down everything there was, a scoop of ice cream is next and comes with the meal to cool down your mouth. I had the green tea flavor while James went for the coffee flavor. A very fitting finish to a great meal.

I loved the whole experience and would definitely go back. It is different but tastes refreshingly good. We were probably there for almost 2 hours. This is not where you want to go if you want a quick meal. Just relax and as always, enjoy! Sometimes we’re always in a rush that actually spending time doing something feels great!




our sit-n-stand stroller


jaelynn testing out the sit-n-stand


the cube storage’s new home in the girls’ closet :D

we tested the stroller that i got on clearance at target when i was 3 months pregnant. ages ago huh? :) we went the farmers’ market today and stroll around in it. i find it easier to manuever than those travel systems. the only thing is that it’s hard to get into the storage underneath. seriously. iguess for the price i shouldn’t complain. the seats can accommodate up to 40 pounds each. did i mention that jaelynn loves it?

i love the farmers’ market! i try to go every other weekend. i love buying fruits and veggies from there. the prices are great and you get fresh fruits without the grocery store prices. today we bought 5 big baskets of cherry tomatoes for $1 each – i put these in the freezer and use them year round. they are such a pretty deep red color.

other fruits we got are 2 cantoloupes, 2 honey dews, 6 pounds of asian pears,  & 6 pounds of white necterines. i was going to get a watermelon but we were out of space. we are usually out by the middle of the week with our fresh fruits – the girls love eating (especially jaelynn) and i will give her fruits before any candies.


cloth diapers and eco-friendly products

i’ll post a photo of my stash soon. my original budget for cloth diapers was $150. well, i ended up spending $200. here’s what i got:

23 little lions prefolds

13 newborn fitteds

6 small gdiaper covers

9 small/newborn covers

some doublers and pins.

i was practicing using a prefold on one of jaelynn’s dolls to get a feel – i’m going to need more practice. LOL

OT: get 1 year of prevention magazine free by filling out this short survey! (i did!) thanks to slickdeals! i have always receive my magazines from rewardsgold. i actually have a bunch of subscription magazines that come every month. the ones i don’t bother to read are elle (only flip through them), interview, and some others. i just throw them in the recycle bin. i do love shape, glamour, redbook, and body and soul.

i bought some new things for the household again (i always buy things *sigh*. and i use “household” because it’s not really for me. ;) )


preserve toothbrushes in soft – you can recycle them afterwards. i’ve tried them before and love them! $16.22 for a pack of 6.


preserver toothbrushes for kids in soft – these are so cool! i love the idea of recycling, don’t you? and comes in colors. $17.22 for a pack of 6.


dropps laundry pacs – you use 1 small liquid pack per load of laundry. biodegradable and eco friendly. looks great huh? i’m going to use them for the baby’s diapers. they’re suppose to be low sudsing too. can’t wait to try them. $25.50 for 84 pacs (2 x 42 pacs each).

for two of the above products, i subscribe to their auto-delivery and save an additional 15%! that’s a great way to save. you can always cancel the subscriptions after. what a great way to try some of these more eco friendly things that i can’t get at the stores or cost a bunch somewhere else.

as for the bella b tummy honey (see post below), i love it!! smells great and the cream is very nice! will love to buy when run out…but at $15?? ouch! :(

oh and my bella b glowing face wash/mask should be here tomorrow. :D