possibly 3 free shutterfly photobooks

here are some great shutterfly photobooks deals – i received¬† 3 8×8 hardcover photobooks free! they expire on 11/5.

here’s how:

1) facebook – if you have a facebook account, simply installed the family tree application. you can add family members or click cancel at the bottom once it’s installed. then click on the link above again and you should see a free shutterfly code.

2) if you have a cozi account (or created one before october 6th), simply login to your account and there’s a link at the top for a free shutterfly photobook.

3) to go tripadvisor, submit a review of your recent trip. once your review is posted (takes about 2 days), you’ll get an email that it posted along with a free shutterfly photobook code.

with so many books to make, you’ll sure be busy.¬† shipping on each free book is about $8. or if your order is over $30, use code SHIP30 for free shipping.

thanks to slickdeals.net!


freebies – sort of.

so courtesy of slickdeals (isn’t it always? :D), we found these magikan free for shipping.

it looks exactly like this diaper dekor plus diapering system on amazon. i said to james, we can get two so i can use one for the baby’s diapers and one for our kitchen trash. we ordered two and pay $25 shipping.




magikan – built-in door for taking out trash

they arrived in two days via fedex on friday. we opened them and was very impressed. instead of individual trash bags, you get this big roll of 1 trash bag that you can cut with the attached bag cutter and make additional trash bags. that way, you’re usually not smelling the trash since you’re taking them out from the bottom built in door. the bags have a nice fresh scent. hopefully, that will help with the odor. either way, for $12.50, it’s definitely not a bad deal. the bags too, are supposed to last months.

we have one in our kitchen right now and it’s working great so far. the one in our bedroom for the dirty cloth diapers is still waiting. ;)


i’m reading…

i don’t really have time to read during the week, with all my doctor’s appts and what not. this week, i saw this book on amazon and had my local library held it for me. i just picked it up on friday and it’s what i’m reading this weekend. these are like little treats to me.


gorgeously green

the book is gorgeously green and so far it’s a great read. i’m not done with it yet but i love how she emphasize again and again on how you can start with just 1 green thing a day. it’s nothing overwhelming or hard to do. some very eye-pleasing things about this book is the way the book is laid out and typed. the pages all have a pastel green border at the bottom!

i do so love to read these green living books! :D i can’t wait to check out her website in more detail at http://www.gorgeouslygreen.com!

on a side note, i received my $25 giftcard from this promo and another $25 from buy.com for completing a trial offer from checkoutfree.com. :D i do love these free trial offers!