so who’s going to see more of shrek??? *hint* we are!!!! :D

i’ve already bought advance tickets for james, faith, and i to go see the movie in the evening. i cannot wait! i love shrek! :D

i ordered about 100 prints of faith and jaelynn from winkflash. i like their quality and service. placed the order yesterday and it shipped today! i’m trying snapfish next. not sure of shutterfly yet.

i also spent my allowance for the month and ordered full sizes of wei east silk line! i was running out of the smaller jars i got off of ebay and hsn have the best deal with the $15 off coupon. i got the cleanser, toner, night restoration and daytime radiance cream for $47 including taxes and shipping. that should last me for a while now.


photo: cleanser and overnight restoration


victoria’s secret finishing powder

i promised i will no longer buy any make up. i’m through after yesterday because i believe i’ve found what i need. :)

mineral makeups are awesome, yet they accentuate my pores and lines i didn’t know i have around my eyes. *yikes* even though they do not irritate my skin i’m not sure i’ll be using it everyday.

so i searched for something that will looks nice, not heavy coverage, yet do not show off my pores and lines.

i went to sephora, mac, body shop, and victoria’s secret yesterday with the girls and james. it was at victoria’s secret that i found the finishing powder duo i really like and thought didn’t highlight my flaws much. :D the lady there use the m15 on me and it give off a subtle glow – perfect for summer. i use that alone without any foundation or base and i like it today. i also got their liquid eyeshadow in plum passion and love it! the lipgloss i got was okay but i probably preferred bigalow’s mint lipgloss more.

those three things cost me $30 dollars. at least better than something from sephora for almost $30 just for the powder right?

i’m glad. i’m so done with makeup.

jaelynn weights 19 pounds and is 28 inches tall. she received her 6 months shots yesterday although she’s almost 8 eights old. thank goodness she’s not due another set until july. whew!

faith’s gymnastic class is today. she’s been there for a month now and she loves it! i’ll post photos later. in july, she’ll be going for swimming lessons too. wow. she’s a big girl now. i’m trying to register her for preschool in the fall – we’re on the wait list since it’s a free preschool program. *fingers crossed*


wei east seems to work


the 3r beautiful beginnings facial treatment


intensive eye treatment, anti-aging mask and samples of eye alive serum, and lifting serum


serenity cleanser and overnight restoration moisturizer

okay, so i’m always in the quest for the perfect (or close to perfect) facial products. oh i love using jojoba oil and aloe vera as my moisturizer but once in a while i woud still get dry patches on my cheeks, probably because they’re not as moisturizing as my skin would like.

i was browsing ebay looking for an eye cream for my dark eye circles and came across an item for WEI EAST.

i’ve never heard of them so i looked it up and it seems to only be available from HSN.com, EBAY.com, and WEIEAST.com.

reviews from hsn were really good too so i decided to give it a try and bought these products off from ebay, for a very good price too.

last night when i received them, i immediately opened them and LOVE the packagings! they are beautiful! i tried the 3R TREATMENT and INTENSIVE EYE TREATMENT. i love the smells! the eye treatment made my eyes feel better but didn’t notice anything dramatic. i’ll keep using it though. it relaxed my eyes.

the 3R treatment didn’t leave my skin feeling dried. so that was a big plus! and my left cheek have been dried for the last few days. it didn’t get rid of the dry patch but my face feels really good. each of the container would last about 3 treatments so not bad since i got 4 packages.

afterwards, i applied the serenity night restoration cream. smell was nice and pleasant and kinda thick, but it IS a night cream and that’s what i was looking for.

needless to say, this morning my face feels smoother and the dry patch on my left cheek was noticeably less dry. i wash with the serenity cleanser and apply the ANTI-AGING WHITE LOTUS MASK on. i’ve never smell any white lotus but i love the smell! the mask cream went on smoothly white and then dried to a clear cream.

i washed it off with a warm washcloth and my face feels again, smooth and tight but not drying. i love that too. and now my left cheek is no longer dry. i guess it was after the mask but i love the feel of WEI EAST. i called their customer service number and request some samples. the lady was super nice and said they’ll (samples of just about everything) will go out that same day! i can’t wait to try the White Lotus Eye Cream, Serenity Daytime Moisturizer and a bunch of other stuff.

i also bought a sample of the CLINIQUE REPAIRWARE INTENSIVE NIGHT CREAM for my face when i still had the dry patch but it didn’t get rid of it. it was a light cream; much lighter than the SERENITY so i am using it as a daytime moisturizer until it runs out.

so i’m liking wei east now. i’ll see what happens in a week or two. :D


swim wears

i was browsing slickdeals (shouldn’t have) and saw this site that have most of their swim wears on sale.

i bought 4 of them for my trip in june. i like the styles, and got them in some of my favorite colors: red, pink (they call it english rose), and white.

white tankini, pink tankini, and red tankini. also got a white one piece

now i just need to work out extra hard to fit them. lol

i’m not sure what’s eating at my bandwidth this month! i’m almost at 15 gb and i NEVER use up that much!

spam have just increased too…ahhh! i’m so annoyed! if anyone’s got any suggestions, please let me know. there were so much spam (even with akismet) i have to turn off comments to only registered users. :(

i’m trying out contacts. i’ve been wearing them for a few days now and love it. :D