a few things first

friday again! i went in to weight myself and i am 132 lbs right on the dot! awesome! i hate seeing that 133 all last february!

i have my eye appointment today, my 2nd since over 2 years ago. my prescription changed; of course. my first perscription was a -1.25, now it’s -1.75. i guess i’ll have to get it fill at costco. i’ll thinking of getting a fitting for contacts; i’ll love to try the new acuvue oasys. :D

i’m a product junkie as you can tell. a few days ago, i went and got the burt’s bees orange facial cleanser. i’ve use it about 3 times and really like it. it takes off the make up and cleanse without drying my already dry face.

i was also on the lookout for a sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen. i saw that ulta have the juice organics products at their store, which is the not-as-concentrated-and-expensive line as juice beauty. i went and got the light tinted moisturizer with spf 30, all organics for about $8 out the door after an $8 savings. i love it so far. i use it everyday under my mineral make up. it’s a very light tint, almost invisible which is perfect.

in addition to the moisturizer, i also got the apple exfoliating peel from the same line, juice organics. it smells nice, not as nice as the moisturizer but still nice. :) i’ve only use it once and it wasn’t harsh on my skin therefore i can continue using it. mostly, masks and peels are to harsh for my weak skin but this one’s fine.

i’m also looking forward to trying this all natural yummy skincare line called bella lucce.


Did you know??

I added more Categories to my list? Yep, but that’s not it. ;)

Did you know using too much moisturizer on your face CAN cause it to be dry and flaky? Especially if you’re flaky in the eyebrow area. That’s me!

I slathered on moisturizer if I feel my face is getting dry. My soft healthy skin lasted all of two days! That’s it. Now I’m peeling again! *cries* I’m going to cut back on the moisturizer to once a day, in the morning, and that’s IT!

I’m am going try a new product, Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser for dry skin. It’s more of a cream and some said leaving a bit of the cream on a dry spot can really help it. I’m all for that! I need to stop reading these reviews…AAAHHH!

As far as my weight concern, it’s been fluctuating back and fort between 133 and 135…

So all of last week, I did about 20-30 minutes of pilates and 20-30 minutes of cardio hoping to speed that up a little bit. I was doing pretty good this week too until last night, on my last 10 minutes of pilates, i started shaking! I was starving! Anyway, after the pilates, I ended up eating a few snacks and completely skipping the cardio part because my legs weren’t working after the hunger attack.