faith’s birthday was a blast!

we had a marvelous time on sunday!!!

the birthday party started at 2pm…i was up til 12am preparing and baking the night before. i baked 2 ice cream cakes, and a princess cake for faith.


the sleeping beauty princess cake


my big girl and her cake

the sucky thing was that i forgot my camera during the WHOLE party and have literally NO PICTURES!! *cries* the ones above were taken by my sister. i was very busy the whole time and didn’t realize i had no photos until later. :(

faith and just about everyone had a wonderful time though. we had her party at a clubhouse and it was HOT!!! even with the fans and a/c on. a bunch of her friends, nieces, and nephews came. everyone sang “happy birthday” and eat the first round of cakes and curry noodles. then everyone went swimming – yes everyone! at one point, there were only 3 of us left in the clubhouse.

2 hours later, everyone started coming back and we had another round of cakes and curry noodles. by this time, all the kiddies were just about bummed out and so are the adults! LOL we got everything cleaned up by 6pm and again, boy was it hot or what? i think it was 105 degrees on sunday. *yikes*

anyway, i’m really glad faith had a great time – all that time we spent baking the cakes and decorating it was really fun. i could tell she was really excited and happy because she kept telling everyone about the princess cake that we made. i am glad too that we didn’t just go out and buy a cake. i believe this is going to be one of those unforgettable moments she’ll remember for a long time. that, to me, is priceless and totally worth it!


a present for faith

it’s getting closer and closer to my girl’s 6th birthday – wow! it’s really been 6 amazing years!

hubby and i went to borders the other day looking for something to get her since we’re not buying much this time around. we came across the last copy of tinkerbell and we knew she’s going to LOVE it! actaully, hubby and i can’t wait to watch it too, funny huh?


i can’t wait to see her face when she opens this up. lol

today is my first day on leave – it fells great! i get to stay home and do nothing but spend time with the girls. i still have to go to the doctor’s 3x a week until the baby comes but that’s alright. it’s just nice to take things slowly and easily and not have to worry about rushing here and there.

anyway, i’m looking forward to the next couple of months of quality family time. :D


our new bed


our simple bed in our simple room.

it’s been a few weeks since we have our new memory foam mattress and platform bed set up. i have to say i LOVE it!! it’s definitely different from regular mattresses and my body took a few days to get use to the bed. however, since we’ve had it, i have not experience ANY back pain! that in itself is a miracle.

the thing is, with all of my pregnancies, i have back pain constantly. i’ll wake up feeling like i’m 80 years old. i still feel like that sometimes (cause of the sciatica) but no back pains. it’s made a huge difference. james have also been commenting on how much he loves it too!

it wasn’t a bad purchase afterall!


diaper stash organizer

and just because i couldn’t resist posting , we bought this storage shelf from costco for $29.97 to store baby’s diapers. it’s so much sturdier than i expected and so easy to install. no screws needed plus plenty of storage space. still have empty spaces at the bottom. ;)


charlie horse…..aaaahhhhhh!

i thought i was going to get pass one pregnancy without experiencing a charlie horse! i was successful this far too. just 2 more months to go…

but alas!! just after midnight, i was asleep and started stretching. all of a sudden, i like a charlie horse coming and i tried to stop it, by arching my toes up. don’t ask me why or how, but sometimes that helps me. anyway, it didn’t work and i was caught in the grasp of my lower right leg in extreme pain. i woke james up to help message my calf but it was so sore and so painful i couldn’t help but turn and toss and whimpered. gosh, how horrible was that.

after what seemed like a long time, i thought it had finally stopped. i moved just a bit and bam! it started again and this time, i was sorta yelling because it was killing me!! yes, it was that bad. i said frantically to james, “arch my toes! arch my toes!” because i couldn’t do it. he message my foot and calf and arched my toes right away. it helped that time and my charlie horse actually stopped. tears were coming out of the corners of my eyes from being squeezed shut so hard and i had broke out in a sweat.

i don’t want to go through it again…it’s too much. i told james i would rather go through labor. *sigh* my nurse had told me at one point that charlie horse is a result of not having enough calcium. she said the prenatal vitamins does not have enough of a dosage. it’s funny too, that this past week was the week i didn’t eat any oranges or drink any o.j. no matter what, this morning, i promptly went to costco and bought a jar of calcium supplement.