water efficient and new shoes!

we have replaced both the shower heads in our bathrooms and sink faucets. the only one we didn’t is the kitchen faucet and that’s because we have a water filter there. james could not put the aerator on the filter without breaking something on it. what a bummer!

we have the waterpik element and aquascape in the showers. they flow at 2.5 gpm and have very nice smooth pressure. so much than what we had before. james wasn’t too sure of the whole changing idea but once he saw what the shower heads were capable of, he was as pleased as me. :D

on our bathroom sinks, we have 2 aerators flowing at .5 gpm! our old ones were 2.2 gpm!! love it! the flow is gentle but enough for cleansing your face and perfect for brushing teeth and washing hands. these were the ones i have to order online.

guess what i just scored? a dr. scholl’s (yes again!) acclaim clog! with my $10 coupon from gap i got this shoe for $7.53 shipped! love it!


i received my shoes yesterday (from endless.com) and they are super nice! the lime green and fuchsia impulse sandals are comfy! they’re definitely keepers. the hustle slide is beautiful but the front sole dig my toes when i walk! i’m so disappointed because i want it to be comfy for walking so bad! oh well. i’ll sending that back.

oh and endless.com price-match amazon’s too! i ordered these: jessica simpson unio wedge and skechers dakoda ankle wrap and was able to PM to amazon and piperlime. the prices were cut more than half afterwards! if you call them, the credit appears in just few minutes! endless.com have become my favorite shoe (online) store.




good-bye stacie!


a group picture of us


from your left to right: me, stacie, and debbie


yummy yummy yummy!

today is my co-worker stacie’s last day at work. we had a little going away luncheon for her; the food were from dos coyotes and they were delicious! enchiladas and chicken salad! the dressings were to die! my co-worker, debbie, baked 2 kinds of brownies and an earthquake cake with coconut shreds in the middle. super yummy!

i got her a little gift – it’s a burt’s bees baby gift set! no she’s not expecting but they would love to have one. the gift set comes with a washcloth with a bee sewn on, shampoo bar, soap bar, buttermilk lotion, apricot oil, dusting powder, and diaper ointment.

it’s always sad to see a dear co-worker go and i wish her the best!


her first step!


jaelynn took her very very first step today! i am so excited! she’s 10 months and 26 days old.

she can stand by herself for a longer period of time now and she’s not that afraid when no one’s holding her anymore.

i helped her stand, and then let go and crooned to her to take a step. she was lookingat me and took a step before she let herself fall to me. all the while she was smiling. *sigh* goodness! they grow up so fast!

while faith took her first steps before 10 months old, jaelynn is a more cautious baby then faith.

anyways, i went on my tabulas and goodness, just about everyone’s not updating theirs anymore. i thought i was the only one.

plus i found some old photos on there. this is one of faith.


super delicious scones!




check out: iveta gourmet

one friday, my co-worker brought in some ginger scones; she topped them with iveta’s clotted cream and cranberry curd.

it was an instant favorite, including for me. they were just so soft and delicious, not at all hard and taste just like those at high scale bakeries. so everyone wanted to order some (their only store is in san jose i believe). our orders came in yesterday and i cannot wait to bake them.


i got the cranberry curd, clotted cream, blueberry scones mix, ginger scones mix, strawberry scones mix, cranberry orange scones mix, and cherry scones mix. all you add to them is heavy whipping cream and that’s it. you are going to love them!

i almost out – have one bag left. maybe i’ll need to order some soon! did i mention the cranberry curd is just delicious???