most fearless thing…

we just watched disney’s cars the movie today! it was great! :)

i love the part when everyone was looking for lightning mcqueen and there was this car that look (yes, look) and talked just like arnold schwarzenegger saying lightning mcqueen needs to be found on national television! :D

i pre-ordered it for $11 so that was sweet too! i also got over the hedge a few weeks ago and still haven’t finish watching it. i didn’t make myself sit into of the tv so that’s something to do later.

jaelynn’s two months old…wow times flies. her 2 month well-baby appt is tomorrow; here come some shots! yikes!

i remembered reading one of the women’s magazine at one of my appts and something really stick. the question was the most fearless thing you’d ever done.

i read a dozen or so of them from the women who responded. the only one that stuck in my mind: this woman who married her husband after they’d only met for 2 or so weeks. she said people were telling her they wouldn’t last, and that they didn’t because after 62 or so years, he died of cancer.  

it stuck probably because it was sweet, nostalgic, and so very sad all at the same time. i’m a sentimental person. in a way i wished i didn’t read it (it still comes to me every few days) but also made me realize (again!!) how precious and short life is and treasure every waking moment. and i am.


finally getting things for jaelynn!

for the room anyways!

for now, she’s sleeping in her bassinett in our room. she’s touching all sides of it with her hands and little feet so we said it’s time to put her in the crib.

i just ordered this crib from walmart.com because it’s got lotsa great reviews on the target and amazon sites (and it’s cheap), matching changing table (and i have baskets already), with pink and green beddings (child of mine from carters), mattress and mattress pad and a mobile.

oh and i got a Western Digital My Book Essential Edition External HD 250GB from Office Depot for $89.43 shipped. plus with the rebate and it comes to about $19. sweet eh? i needed a backup after hubby crashed my pc and we had to do a system restore – i lost everything! including pictures of faith when she was younger. i’m not going to let that happen again.

you all have a very happy and safe halloween!


new host!

i switched hosts! reseller zoom, which their customer service is great, have alot of downtime on their budget plans server. multiple times a day and many of them in the last few times. urgh….i know they are cheap but i figure i need to pay a bit more for better uptime (their budget servers are crowded).

i switched to dathorn hosting. their customer service is just as wonderful as reseller zoom and they transfer all my sites over already. i just signed up yesterday. their turn-around time on help tickets is super fast too.

i went from paying $4.95 a month to $13.50 month. more space, bandwidth and i hope, better uptime. they’ve got great reviews on webhostingtalk too.

anyway, the cloth diapers didn’t work for me. :( i love them so much (and they look super super cute on jaelynn) but it’s SO MUCH work. so i’m giving that up. i think if i weren’t going back to work, i’ll probably stick with it longer. *sigh*

other news, i opened a store on ebay – shelliesboutique.com selling toys and clothing. i’m home now so i thought i’ll do it for a few months.

jaelynn’s a great baby. she sleeps great at night and only wake up to be fed once or twice.


1 month


it’s been one month. wow…time just flies by so fast!

faith got to hold jaelynn for a few minutes for the first time in that photo. then after that, she wants to hold jaelynn all the time. even tried to pick jaelynn up a time or two too. we told her that was a big big BIG no-no.

my sister-in-law just had her baby girl this weekend too! wow! two babies in the family at the same time. she weight 8lbs and 8 oz. very good size baby huh?

i bought a few more cloth diapers – fuzzi bunz. and i got a few of my packages last friday. i was so excited! the swaddlebees are so beautiful and the colors are just lovely. i also received my cotton prefolds and some used hemp prefolds/inserts off of ebay. i’m holding everything until i get my other 4-5 packages before washing and using them.

this morning, i colored my hair. a rich mahogany shade by loreal feria. love it! then i’m trimming/cutting my hair tomorrow.

oh and time to throw out my old nivea facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer so i can get some new ones. they’re either finshed or almost finish. i’ve had them since before jaelynn was born. next? i’m getting burt’s bees facial lines. i used their baby bee shampoo bar and bar soap that i got for faith a few months back on jaelynn this morning and she smells great! used their baby apricot oil too. love that stuff. it’s my new jaelynn bath regimen. :)