craving beef!

i want some beef so bad today so i got “beef with vegetable chow fun” from a local chinese restaurant! mmm…it was totally delicious and was made extra spicy!

tomorrow faith has a dentist appointment. i’m not sure how it’ll go so i’m hoping for a smooth visit, with faith cooperating of course. i’m going to take the digital camera to see if they’ll let me take some photos too since it will be her first visit. something for her to see later, you konw?
on a side note, i just don’t have the motivation to get start on those wordpress themes i wanted. after work, i’ll be so tired and do not want to spend another a few hours doing that. so i’ll leave it til this weekend.


Papaya Salad…hmm

my sister came up from merced and when her boyfriend came over, he brought some papaya salad for me. (pictured)

it’s an asian appitezer made with of course, green papaya (not ripe), and a million other sauce and spices. fish sauce, dried pepper, crab paste, tamarind, lemon juice, tomatoe, just to name a few. it’s one of the best dishes in the world and i eat it everytime i go to merced. this lady there makes the best!

once in a while, i would have a bad craving for it. this one’s not as good as the one i can get in merced but it does satisfy my craving.