adoramapix: 16x20s

top 4 frames – 16x20s from adoramapix

the only place so far that i’d ordered 16x20s from was costco and i have not order any for a while as i wasn’t so happy with the last batch. they were a lot darker than the originals for some reason. yep, i was quite turned off.

so, adorama’s last promotion that ended on 8/23 was all 16x20s were half off, making them about $4.60 each. i said why not as i have been meaning to make some enlargements of a few photos. james’ account also had a $10 credit for signing up a year ago. i was up until midnight of the 22nd (yeah, i’m a procrastinator…LOL) reading up on the best format, size, dpi, etc for the size i wanted to get. i ran each of the images through totally rad’s lux photoshop action, saved them in tif’s and sent them off with both my toes and fingers crossed that they would look okay once printed. total paid including shipping and applying the credit was $15 and some cents.

the prints showed up on saturday, via priority mail and i tore into it as soon as i got home from the dealership, which is another story.

i braced myself and took them out of the package with only myself looking at them. they blew me away!!! the paper was thick and the prints look so much better than i’d anticipated which is always always a good thing!! i showed it to my family and they all exclaimed about how nice it looked. i uploaded them in a 2000 x 3008, 300 dpi format. they had to be cropped a bit to fit the 16×20 frame. when that happened, the dpi went down on all to 120 – 150 so i was really preparing myself for the not so good prints. let me just say, they still look fabulous!! i guess i don’t know much about the dpi stuff but i’m just so glad!

the frames cost me a whole lot more, let’s just say. if anyone know of another way to mount, frame, etc photos cheaper, i’m all ears!!

adoramapix is totally recommended and i’m waiting for their next sale to get more prints. :)

talking about prints, i really want to get the canon pro9000 photo printer as my ip5000 can’t do prints anymore, not even 4×6’s. i ordered from adorama 6 packs of the 50 canon photo paper pro II 4x6s and 30 of the 13×19 canon photo paper pro platinum that i’m itching to print on but i need a printer first. LOL i paid $13.32 for all the 4×6’s and $32.85 for the 13x19s which is a steal considering the quality of the photo papers. i have tried the regular photo paper plus from canon and i wasn’t that impressed.

so, hopefully i’ll get my printer soon…one of these days.