got my new phone!

no, it’s not the nokia n95 (can’t afford it at over $500!) but i settled on the lg shine because 1) it’s red, 2) it’s a slider, 3) it looks beautiful, 4) love the design, 5) feels solid and 6) it’s red (did i say that already?).


we went to the storytime arts and crafts class yesterday at the local library and i was able to test out the camera quality of this phone. all i can say is, not bad at all! below are some shots, straight out of the camera.

faith and jaelynn

laughing for mommy


here, let me kiss you

cute dolls

pretty dolls!


these are china dolls, i believe

what i made

i made these!


my nikon!

look at me unwrapping my nikon d40!


hmmm…wonder what’s underneath that?


oookay, where’s the good stuff?


this is what i’m talking about!

i simply love this camera! it’s a total keeper! i have to play with it since i’m an amateur but it’s so much fun. low light pictures are awesome! i wish i have this one instead of the canon sd550 when jaelynn was born. i could have taken millions of pictures! i have only been playing with it at night…so i’m looking forward to shooting with it in the daytime even more. did i mention the battery lasts a long time? i must have gotton about 450 photos or so with one charge. and it keeps getting better. i have received about $50 back from amazon because of the camera and lens price drop.


little miss jaelynn in a still moment. pp in ps – made it greyscale


used virtual photographer because i set the color to MORE VIVID from the camera and boy, it was a real vivid red. this looks better.

these were taken without flash and while it’s not super sharp, i’m overly impressed. probably because i haven’t been able to do that with my other cammys.



i got 2 12×12 scrapbooks from kodakgallery.com for $7.15 each shipped! they come with over 150 pieces to complete the scrapbook.

one is for jaelynn and the other will be a family scrapbook. aren’t they cute?





got2b’s moisture masque

it’s been a while since i give my opinion regarding any facial products. i’ll remedy that right now.


with honey, milk, and oatmeal, who could resist?

i was at big lots months ago and stumbled upon a row of got2b’s mo moisture gel masque. it’s suppose to “soften, hydrate, and smooth” your skin with weekly uses.

i bought it because it was only $2 and who could resist the combination of honey, milk, and oatmeal? sounds yummy huh? well i can tell you it smells just as yummy!

i’ve been using it for months now and really really like it! it’s a gel but non drying and again it smells yummy – color is a clear light golden.

for once or twice weekly, i love it. i probably wouldn’t use it every day but it does hydrate my skin and it goes on clear so sometimes i forget i have the mask on.

it is now in rotation with my other zia, and suki products. recommended!


now onto the even yummier stuff, i made some curried stir fried vermicelli noodles. can you tell i love noodles? :wink: