swap goodies

i received some goodies from a swap today. the main swap item was the bourjois blush but i think the sample goodies excites me so much more! LOL

i have not try anything yet but i can't wait! i use a face sheet mask every 2-3 nights so tomorrow i shall get to try one of these. i'm

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100% pure cosmetics haul

another black friday shopping deal that i got in on. this is it. i’m done spending $$ on make up. i’m going to do swaps if i want to try something else. speaking of swaps, i just received a tube of bobbi brown’s tinted moisturizer spf 15 today and samples of the other 2 tinted moisturizers. i tested all three medium colors and they all blend in completely and matched my skintone so i’m super excited!! i’ll try it for a week and see how they work out. :D

anyway, i bought a plum district coupon for $15 to ecomom.com for $50 worth of stuff. it was originally $25 for $50 but they were having 40% sales throughout the weekend. i managed to get just one because when i went back a few hours later it was all sold out!! it just so happened that during black friday weekend, ecomom was having a sale. it was $20 off a $50 purchase, so if you combined that with the coupon deal from plum district you get $70 worth of stuff for $15.

cheek tints in peach glow, cranberry, strawberry and eyeliners in black cherry

their site crawled and crashed during most of the weekend. i didn’t get my order in until 10pm on sunday. they had to shut their site down at one point. i wanted to try some of the 100% pure cosmetics so here was what i bought:

cheek tint in strawberry

cheek tint in peach glow

cheek tint in cranberry

eyeline in black cherry x 2

i paid an additional $3.22 on top of the $15.

the eyeliner is smooth and i just adore the color!!! it’s a dark purple and it goes on like a dream. this is like a “chubby” eyeliner.

the cheek tints also look very pretty with cranberry being the reddest and boldest. the peach glow gives a bit of color and goes on sheer so you can layer if you want more of a pop. i have not tried the cranberry and strawberry but i have no doubt i’ll love them too. these are sheerer than the clinique deluxe sample i got the other day so more forgiving for the heavy handed. i love the packaging too. easy to carry, easy to apply, and no mess like the powder blushes.

the peach glow tube did arrived cracked on the side even though it was packaged very well in the box but it’s no biggie.



origins & clinique mini-hauls

my mini-hauls from origins and clinique during cyber monday.

clinique gloss in raspberry, chubby stick in mega melon, cream stick blush in rosy, lipstick in bamboo pink, origins quick hide! concealer (x2), and active charcoal mask

i bought 2 origins quick hide! concealers. i’ve actually¬† never use concealers before and thought i’ll try this one out because i like origins and they were having a $10 off $25 purchase, free shipping and of course free sample. i tested today when they arrived but i’m not sure of it yet. it doesn’t look bad but i’m afraid it may look “off”. we’ll see. i choose the active charcoal mask as the sample but haven’t try it so i’m looking forward to that.

as for clinique, i first saw the ad for their chubby sticks in the half dozen magazine subscriptions that come every month. they look so pretty and i’ve been wanting to try one. i have the holiday set of tarte’s lip surgence which is the same idea as the clinique chubby sticks and i love love them!! the tarte’s are very moisturizing and pigmented. when i saw that with any clinique order, you get free shipping and 3 deluxe samples, i jumped and ordered the chubby stick in mega melon for $15. the tarte ones run $24 a piece. for the 3 deluxe samples, i picked blushware cream stick in rosy, long last lipstick treat in bamboo pink (it looks like a full size tube), and super balm gloss treat in raspberry.

what i can say? i love love the chubby stick!! the color is awesome!! i really dig this shade. i’m so happy i picked mega melon and it is not a color i have so i’m glad. it is moisturizing just like the tarte, pigmented and forgiving so you can always do a few swipes for a really pigmented look. it is not sparkly but it does feel like a balm so it’s not matte either. i really love it!

i also tried the cream stick and it’s super pretty too! it’s pigmented so one swipe was enough for me. i have not tried the lipstick but i did swatched it on the back of my hand and it’s a nude purplish brown color. it seems moisturizing so i’ll see once i do put it on. i tested the gloss on my daughter and it’s a real pretty reddish pink clear gloss. again, really pretty! these did not disappoint. :)

(me in all my glory break outs) :( i’m wearing origins quick hide! concealer, clinique cream stick and chubby stick lipbalm


peace-keeper and mineral hygienics lipsticks

over the black friday weekend, one of the deals i got in was $15 for $50 worth of stuff from abe’s market from plum district. the site was crawling when i was placing my order but not as slow as ecomom.com (but that’s another story).

peace-keeper cause-metics lipsticks

on top of the $15, i paid an additional $4 for 4 tubes of lipstick. i like minimal makeup. a tinted moisturizer, a lipgloss or lipstick and i’m usually done. when i want to make up a bit more, i lined my eyes and maybe some shadows. my favorite products to hoard are lipsticks / lipglosses and blushes. i don’t think i will ever go through them all, honestly.

paint me healed, paint me healthy, and paint me content

anyway, i picked 3 peace-keeper cause-metics lipsticks and 1 mineral hygienics. the peace-keeper shades are paint me healed, paint me healthy, and paint me content. the mineral hygienics shade is magma. i love nudes, warm browns, peaches, corals, and a combination of these colors.

mineral hygienics magma lipstick

the peace-keeper lipsticks are matte and not as drying as the mineral hygienics. i found MH too dry so i applied it after a lip balm. it also have some sparkles to it. i do like the shade very much. it’s a bright peach rosey brown. very pretty. the lipstick comes in a much smaller tube inside a small black baggie so my first thought was, they sent me a sample instead! LOL they seem to contain the same amount of product though.

i did one swipe of paint me healed and 2-3 swipes of the other three. lovely warm shades! taken w/o flash

since i just received the peace-keeper ones i only tried paint me healthy. it’s a very pretty nude color. like your lip but much better. :) i love the tube containers that these lippies came in. truthfully, i like all 4 shades but i probably won’t purchase another MH because of the drying application.