my haul from sasa.com! pix heavy

my first haul from sasa.com arrived today!!! i have been waiting anxiously for these babies. they shipped on 11/19 so it took about a week and came by registered mail. it came in two separate packages and they were bubble wrapped. great packaging!

very securely wrapped! i’m impressed! :biggrin

here’s more

face q all in one sheet masts (4 pcs) $5. my scheming 7 days refreshing and balancing mask set (7pcs) $7.90. Bottom is Isqueen Princess carnival sheet mask set (12 pcs) $10.20. I bought two of these.

my beauty diary japanese cherry blossom mask set (10 pcs) $12.70. my scheming milk extract brightening mask set (10 pcs) $12.70.

hada labo aha / bha cleanser $9.20 for a little over 4 oz. i have been reading good things about this cleanser so i can’t wait to try it. it runs about $15+ on ebay. and of course, hada labo retinol lotion (toner) $14.10 for over 5 oz. i have seen it go for over $20+. i’m really loving the hada labo stuff i tried. they are very moisturizing and hasn’t break me out, other than my occasional normal break out.

these are my free gifts from sasa. ^^

my scheming 7 days refreshing and balancing masks

face q all in one. i love the cartoons on all of these. they are just adorable. my 5 year old told me her favorite is the purple. :heart

my scheming milk extract brightening masks

my 5 year old’s eyes grew bigger as i told her the little critter was pouring milk on her. LOL

isqueen princess carnival set. lovely!

cartoon on the isqueen masks

cartoon on the isqueen masks

isqueen’s packaging. super cute!

my beauty diary japanese cherry blossom set

i have about 55 masks now (2nd set of isqueen not pictured). i only have one more of the my beauty diary french lily mask so i’m glad these came. i like to use about 2-3 a week so i should be set for all of winter. :D

one last shot! can’t wait to try everything! :wave

i will definitely be ordering stuff from sasa.com in the future! actually, i already have stuff in my cart but i’m just putting it off because i don’t really need them now. two of the items there are the kose mask white and deep cleansing oil that i’ll definitely be repurchasing. in my opinion, sasa’s prices are lower than most i’ve seen online and i do not mind waiting longer for the items to get here. now i need to make room for all my masks on my already overflowing cabinets.


more stuff!

the missha samples came. i’m not impressed with missha’s customer service and will not be ordering anymore from there website. i placed an order for the samples on 11/6. I sent an email on 11/14 to cancel since they have not been shipped. i got a reply on 11/19 that they could not cancelled because the order had already shipped. the order had to have shipped after my email because i just got it today. :yesh anyway, that’s that.

it came with 3 bb cream samples (#23, #31 and signature bb cream), a brightening moisturizer, and a cleansing oil. i bought a sheet mask on the side to test out. #23 was too light, #31 too orange, and the signature was too grey. *sigh* i’m done with bb creams. for real. i have not try the other two yet.

in additional to the missha samples, my mini haul from cosme-de.com (hong kong) came two days ago (i ordered it on the 13th. yeah, compare that to missha, which is here in the states). i bought two shiseido senka spf 50 sunscreens and a trial kit of the elixir white which is not available here in the states. i stopped using the ddf and am using this so i’ll see if this’ll help with my brown spots. :) it came with a toner, emulsion (both 1 oz) and a whitening essence (6g).

overall i’m pleased with cosme-de and their fast delivery. the prices are reasonable too with free shipping on all orders. the sunscreens cost me $12 and are 40ml. the elixir set was $15. :heart


bb creams

i recently came across bb creams a few weeks ago. i really like the thought of something between a tinted moisturizer and a full on liquid foundation. i do not use foundation as i feel like they are too thick for me.

skin79 vip gold bb cream

skin79 hot pink bb cream

missha perfect cover bb cream

i bought skin79’s hot pink bb cream, the VIP gold bb cream, and missha’s perfect cover bb cream in #23. both the skin79 only come in one shade and the missha have several shades. unfortunately, i am medium-tone so both the skin79 were too light and there is a definite grey cast. the missha #23 is also too light for me but i love the feel of this bb cream more than skin79’s. with the right shade, i may really like this one. :)

the coverage is good and the cream can be a bit of a hassle to spread (must be because i’m so use to liquidy creams including tinted moisturizers).

frankly, i’m afraid to try anymore (except missha in #27) since they are all so light in shades. i have an order of a few samples from missha coming so i’ll test those out and then no more random bb creams.


scrapbooking & portable drive

i’m glad for the weekends…i am always. i can sleep later (usually until alex wakes up), laze around in my jammies and enjoy my time with the kids and hubby. my kids can bask in the knowledge that their mommy will be home for two full days. my younger daughter still asks me sometime if i’m going to go to work. i always tell her “No, i’ll rather stay home with you.” that always makes her happy. :)

this particular morning, i woke up at 5:30am and got some quite time before the kids woke up. i was able to organized all my digital scrapbooking supplies, browse and read some blogs, made breakfast, and think about what i’m going to do later in the morning. so far, this weekend will be a lazy weekend for me. i love those.

i can proudly said that my folders are much neater than before and i can find what i need for the most part. so, between chasing my kids and spending time with them, i was able to scrap a few layouts.

credits: dunia – an easy way template, Honey Designs’ SweetCake kit

credits: Darcy Baldwin Scrapping with Shannon template, Danos Pookie Designs’ Spooked kit

credits: tracie stroud building blocks 3 template and customize me alphas & crystal’s creations’ loves & xoxos kit

credits: scrapping with liz strip template, one little bird abide kit

NOW you see why i simply love love templates???!!! they make my life easier SO much easier and leaves me more time with the kids. i’m positive that my kids love templates almost as much as i do. LOL

on a side note, since i bought my laptop i haven’t really done any backing up. my two external hard drives are hooked up to my desktop and it’s too much of a hassle to uplug it and use it for the laptop. i sorta kept my eyes open for a great deal on a portable drive but nothing really. i mean, there was black friday but i wasn’t keen on being up at 4am, being out in the super cold weather and fight a bunch of people for one.

i did managed to score a WD 640GB portable drive 2.0 USB the other day from dell for about $53 (without coupon including taxes and shipping. it sounds like a great deal and that’s plenty for me right now. this will be my first portable drive so i’m quite excited. not to mention that it’s smaller and usb powered so i don’t have to drag around a power cord. ;)