Samsung captivate

It’s been so long since I bought myself a phone. I was just not into the iPhone and the ones I want are too expensive. I had my eyes on the Nokia n95, then the n97, and now on the n900.

I was using James’s old Sony Ericsson and went online to see what Att have. I browsed passed pretty much all the phones when the Captivate captivated my attention. I sort knew what I was liking for, like the minimums that I required etc. The captivate seems to have them. 5 MP camera, 3.5+ screen, video camera, small, thin and just pretty much what the Nokias have.
I did some research and this phones seems to performed quite well. Coming from a regular phone, this thing is just feature-rich all around.

This does all the basic features plus a whole lot more. Android really does…hahaha. Originally I was liking for a physical QWERTY keyboard and that would make the phone thicker. This doesn’t have one but it turns out that I prefer that. The touchscreen is so responsive and coming from someone who doesn’t text at all, I’m pretty good if I do say so myself.

The Android Market have so many applications to download for free too.

I am still discovering my new phone but it has been fun so far and I expect it to be so for some time.

Totally recommended! On a side note, I blogged this post from, you guessed it, the Captivate! :D


makeup and skincare haul!

i’m still loving tarte’s tinted moisturizer and sephora’s pressed powder. i have to say the pressed powder packaging is not very sturdy and i broke it opening it one day. i didn’t even pull hard. i also went through a jar and 1/2 of the zia’s moisturizer. i knew i should have bought more. >:<

i did bought some awesome new stuff…

first off, the nyx jumbo eye and lip pencils are super creamy and moisturizing! i haven’t actually wore any of the eye pencils but the lip pencils are just fabulous and very pigmented! ulta had them for $3.99 and on sale for b1g1 half off. these are my favorites now!

i am almost out of my jk lipstick, which is the most moisturizing lipstick i ever own. i usually do not buy them because they are drying. i was getting worried because i got the jk one on sale and didn’t want to shell out $16 for a tube. well, my answer came in the form of palladio’s herbal tinted lip balms!! they are so moisturizing that 1 application lasts me hours! like the nyx pencils, they are very pigmented for a lip balm but so pretty! a light coat is all you need. it seems like these lip balms are made for me. i currently own champagne, bronzy pink, and golden pink. i am planning to pick up the rest of the colors on my next ulta stop since i have a couple of the $5 off $10 coupons. at $3.99 a piece, these are a definite steal! i am hooked!

i bought a cargo blu ray pressed powder and their medium matte bronzer to replace the sephora because i can no longer carry it in my purse. the ulta rep tried shade 20 (medium) on me and say that was my shade. for the record the pressed powder comes in 4 colors – 10 (light), 20 (medium), 30 (med-dark) and 40 (dark). i was afraid the 20 might be too light and got a second opinion. the 2nd lady said the 30 but it seems i can wear both??? i decided to keep the 20 for now (as fall is here) and get the 30 during the summer. this is a very matte and fine pressed powder that doesn’t look cakey. i’m assuming if you apply a lot it’s a different matter but i’m liking it alot! the bronzer is also a very pretty brownish pink matte finish. my cheeks are usually rosy and i don’t want a regular blush for fear of looking a bit feverish. hahahaha

i saw the soap & glory products in a few magazines but never really try anything. i was at target recently and they were clearancing out Soap & Glory. The shelf was mostly bare but I saw Night in Shining Armour and Catch a Wrinkle in Time that interested me. Since I was almost out of the Olay Age Defying night cream I thought I’ll give this a try. The jar is a very pretty peachy-pink color and the cream is just luxurious! It’s got a bit more fragrance than I’m used to but I do not mind! So far so good. I do know that I like this way more than the Olay and will definitely repurchase unless I find something else. LOL I also purchased the Catch a Wrinkle in Time to try and I’m loving this too! Like the night cream, it’s got a nice fragrance and creamy texture. It does make my skin feel so nice and supple. I think it’s never too early to start prevention measures, right?

once a upon a time, I received Zia’s Deep Moisture Repair Serum in a swap and loved it. I used it to the very last drop. Unfortunately, it was too expensive for me to buy as it costs $36.95 for a .5 oz jar. I waited and waited but never saw another one up for swap. i started tracking it on ebay and managed to score 2! within the last week for about $7 each BNIB including shipping! awesome huh? a pump in the morning and at night is all you need for added moisture. simply love it! definitely a stapled item for me. i will keep scouring ebay as long as i’m able and stock up on these babies.

to support breast cancer awareness month, sonia kashuk have some limited time beauty products for sale at target. with my $25 acuvue rebate, i bought a pink “circle of hope” kabuki brush and the “circle around a cause” set of 6 brushes. these are some very pretty and functional brushes. i do not have any eye brushes so i’m very happy i got these.

until next time…:)


new nikon lens and new laptop

okay, so i haven’t really been frugal in the last few months.

hubby and i went to maui in june for our 7th year anniversary and my birthday. maui is just gorgeous!!

this month, i bought myself a refurbished laptop from costco. it’s been ages since i owned my last laptop. it will be arriving as we speak. i can’t wait!

then today, i bought the nikon 35mm f/1.8g AF-S lense for my nikon d40. this is the first lense addition since i bought my camera back in 2007. i think it’s time, don’t you? i really only take photos of my kids and my other lenses just doesn’t cut it in low light. this one looks fabulous at an even more fabulous price from amazon…this is arriving saturday and i can’t wait to play with it too!

more later! :D


noah’s naturals


noah’s naturals cleanser and moisturizer with spf 15

i’m back after a long haitus with some new products to try. things have just been busy (kids and all).

i was at walgreens almost a week ago to pick up a few things and this new line on the shelf – Noah’s Naturals, with it’s sophisticated colors and packaging caught my eyes. it looks like these new repackage products just debuted this February (it’s not even on their website yet!). the anti-aging cream cleanser tempted me. i have been using Zia‘s lotion cleanser but thought i could use a change. it retails for $8.99 for a 3.4 oz squeeze tube.

i’ve been using it everyday (morning and night) and hasn’t broke me out yet. in fact, i like it so much better than zia’s. it seems to clean better yet doesn’t dry out my skin and that’s what i want. my skin feels very nice after too. the smell isn’t too strong for me but may bother some people who can’t stand fragrances. the first time i used a nickel size dollop and it was too much. after that, i use just a dime size and that was much better.

today, i picked up theĀ  moisturizer with spf 15 and can’t wait to try that since i do not have a dedicated day cream. i have just been making due with cetaphil’s moisturzing cream and i want something with a little bit more anti-aging prevention or so i hope. ;)

the moisturizer retails for $15.29 for a 2.5 oz squeeze tube.