peace-keeper and mineral hygienics lipsticks

over the black friday weekend, one of the deals i got in was $15 for $50 worth of stuff from abe’s market from plum district. the site was crawling when i was placing my order but not as slow as ecomom.com (but that’s another story).

peace-keeper cause-metics lipsticks

on top of the $15, i paid an additional $4 for 4 tubes of lipstick. i like minimal makeup. a tinted moisturizer, a lipgloss or lipstick and i’m usually done. when i want to make up a bit more, i lined my eyes and maybe some shadows. my favorite products to hoard are lipsticks / lipglosses and blushes. i don’t think i will ever go through them all, honestly.

paint me healed, paint me healthy, and paint me content

anyway, i picked 3 peace-keeper cause-metics lipsticks and 1 mineral hygienics. the peace-keeper shades are paint me healed, paint me healthy, and paint me content. the mineral hygienics shade is magma. i love nudes, warm browns, peaches, corals, and a combination of these colors.

mineral hygienics magma lipstick

the peace-keeper lipsticks are matte and not as drying as the mineral hygienics. i found MH too dry so i applied it after a lip balm. it also have some sparkles to it. i do like the shade very much. it’s a bright peach rosey brown. very pretty. the lipstick comes in a much smaller tube inside a small black baggie so my first thought was, they sent me a sample instead! LOL they seem to contain the same amount of product though.

i did one swipe of paint me healed and 2-3 swipes of the other three. lovely warm shades! taken w/o flash

since i just received the peace-keeper ones i only tried paint me healthy. it’s a very pretty nude color. like your lip but much better. :) i love the tube containers that these lippies came in. truthfully, i like all 4 shades but i probably won’t purchase another MH because of the drying application.






kose, hada labo, my beauty diary, & clarins

more fluffy mail!! yeah!

my mini-haul from imomoko.com arrived today. that was fast! i ordered on sunday, it shipped monday and arrived today by priority mail. i ordered the hada labo uv moist spft 50, hada labo shirojyun lotion (toner), kose deep cleansing oil, my beauty diary french white lily masks, and some selena fresh cotton squares. the kose and my beauty diary were on special for 15% off.

the clarins hydraquench cream was from a seller from ebay. i’d got a small tube to try out when i was using the ddf brightening cleanser with the mario badescu 2% glycolic acid toner. my skin seem to really like it. it didn’t have any scent, absorbed to a matte finish and is moisturizing enough to calm my flaming skin after the ddf. i think a 1.7 oz container retails for $49!! yikes! :sweatdrop i won this (3 x .53 oz tubes) for almost half that price. i am planning to use this at night and the hada labo milky lotion during the day. anyway, so far i think this cream is awesome! i’ll have to decide if i want to spend that much $$ when i run out.

cleansing oil…this is the first time i’m using a cleansing oil. i’m not sure i’ve ever really heard of that cleansing method until a few weeks ago. i bought the kose deep cleansing oil to try out and see for myself. cleansing oils are suppose to dissolve all your makeup before your regular cleanser. for some reason, i am starting to get clogged pores on my forehead and chin and neither the noxzema blackhead cleanser, ddf brightening cleanser, or aveeno smart essentials exfoliating scrub seem to help. i was ready to just scrap them off but unless i want to end up bright red and have inflamed skin, it wasn’t the smart choice.

without wetting my face, i squeeze out 1 pump and a half and started massaging it onto my face. it’s a clear liquid and i just kept massaging it upward for about 3 minutes. i get a slightly warm feeling from it. hehehe i washed it off and there was no greasy, oily or filmy residue, on my hands or face! wow! i love how my face feels clean but not tight at all.

love the colors and packaging!

after padding my face with a towel, i tore open the lily mask (it came in a set of 5) and i really dig the barely there floral scent of the mask. love it! the packaging is also well-made and i adore the colors. i believe this is the first sheet mask i’ve ever use but i’m not positive. i just can’t recall any other time. the fit of this mask is almost perfect! i put it on and it just seem to stick to my skin. the essence is kind of sticky but not bothersome. totally love it!  :heart it fits my face well and throughout the 30-40 minutes i had it on, it did not slip off or bother me in anyway. it was just a cool, refreshing feeling.

when it was time to pull it off, it came off without any problem. the mask was still wet when i took it off and i sort of patted the essence still on my face so it’ll absorb. i’m so in love with this mask. i’m quite tempted to use it every day…LOL i have some other masks on order so i’ll see how those compare when they get here. for now, it’s my beauty diary.

i waited a few minutes until my face was almost dried again to apply the hada labo shirojyun lotion (toner). it is a whitening toner but i think it’s more to even the skin tone. i don’t know if it’ll work but i want to try. ^^  it’s a white waterly liquid and a bit more sticky than the milky lotion (moisturizer) but also absorbs well. there’s no scent so i’ll use this and see how it goes.

i don’t have pictures for everything because the camera battery ran out. oops! i’ll do a follow up after a week or so and see if i still feel the same. :lol