kose seikisho mask white & hada labo gokujyun hyaluronic milky lotion

i got fluffy mail today!! i love fluffy mail! i’m expecting more stuff tomorrow, and thursday. fun!

anyway, today i received the kose seikisho mask white from beauty.com (20% off) and the hada labo gokujyun hyaluronic milky lotion from amazon.com. the mask is a peel off mask. the concept of it gets me all excited and giggling. i have never try one before and this was my first. the hada labo is all the rage in japan i believe, with 1 sold every 4 seconds. impressive! i have combination to dry to sensitive skin so i really need a good moisturizer and decided to try this.

in the interest of trying not to scare you. ^^

back to the mask. it’s in the form of a thick liquid. it is not running. it is easy to apply; take too long and it’ll get sticky. i did a not too thin but not too thick layer for the first application. i waited for about 20-30 minutes. after 10 minutes you can start to feel the mask stiffen and tighten around your face. there’s no scent that i can tell. i peeled off from the bottom and there was no pain. i did leave a bit here and there but nothing major and my skin feel super smooth afterward. i love the mask! you can see the little whiteheads and other things if you look really close once the mask is off. eeewww! i will definitely buy it again at a discount. i hardly ever buy anything full price. :)

my interest in the hada labo hyaluronic acid came about as i was researching the hada labo uv moist spf 50 sunscreen. one thing lead to another and i’m in need of a moisturizer as i had ran out of the zia. i still have half of the yes to carrots night moisturizer but i was itching to try this too. luckily, amazon had it through their prime shipping and it was in my hands in 2 days. i just love prime, don’t you?

again, this milky lotion (moisturizer) has no discernible scent, is in white liquid form and can be running. i’m starting to like these things with no scent as some of them are way too overpowering for me. one reason i never never use the stuff from bath and body works. i squeeze a dime size (per instruction) on my palm, smack it with the other palm and started “patting” it all over my face until it was totally absorbed. it only took a minute or too and this was a new concept too, patting instead of rubbing it on. my first impressions: it was kind of fun (patting). it is not greasy or smelling (did i say that already?). i can see myself using this unless my skin get some kind of weird reaction or it turns out that it’s not as moisturizing as i thought. it comes in a generous size, 4.7 oz. i’ll wait another week or so before i decide.

throughout all this, the hubby was right there along side me using the mask and milky lotion too. funny! :D


bb creams

i recently came across bb creams a few weeks ago. i really like the thought of something between a tinted moisturizer and a full on liquid foundation. i do not use foundation as i feel like they are too thick for me.

skin79 vip gold bb cream

skin79 hot pink bb cream

missha perfect cover bb cream

i bought skin79’s hot pink bb cream, the VIP gold bb cream, and missha’s perfect cover bb cream in #23. both the skin79 only come in one shade and the missha have several shades. unfortunately, i am medium-tone so both the skin79 were too light and there is a definite grey cast. the missha #23 is also too light for me but i love the feel of this bb cream more than skin79’s. with the right shade, i may really like this one. :)

the coverage is good and the cream can be a bit of a hassle to spread (must be because i’m so use to liquidy creams including tinted moisturizers).

frankly, i’m afraid to try anymore (except missha in #27) since they are all so light in shades. i have an order of a few samples from missha coming so i’ll test those out and then no more random bb creams.


adoramapix: 16x20s

top 4 frames – 16x20s from adoramapix

the only place so far that i’d ordered 16x20s from was costco and i have not order any for a while as i wasn’t so happy with the last batch. they were a lot darker than the originals for some reason. yep, i was quite turned off.

so, adorama’s last promotion that ended on 8/23 was all 16x20s were half off, making them about $4.60 each. i said why not as i have been meaning to make some enlargements of a few photos. james’ account also had a $10 credit for signing up a year ago. i was up until midnight of the 22nd (yeah, i’m a procrastinator…LOL) reading up on the best format, size, dpi, etc for the size i wanted to get. i ran each of the images through totally rad’s lux photoshop action, saved them in tif’s and sent them off with both my toes and fingers crossed that they would look okay once printed. total paid including shipping and applying the credit was $15 and some cents.

the prints showed up on saturday, via priority mail and i tore into it as soon as i got home from the dealership, which is another story.

i braced myself and took them out of the package with only myself looking at them. they blew me away!!! the paper was thick and the prints look so much better than i’d anticipated which is always always a good thing!! i showed it to my family and they all exclaimed about how nice it looked. i uploaded them in a 2000 x 3008, 300 dpi format. they had to be cropped a bit to fit the 16×20 frame. when that happened, the dpi went down on all to 120 – 150 so i was really preparing myself for the not so good prints. let me just say, they still look fabulous!! i guess i don’t know much about the dpi stuff but i’m just so glad!

the frames cost me a whole lot more, let’s just say. if anyone know of another way to mount, frame, etc photos cheaper, i’m all ears!!

adoramapix is totally recommended and i’m waiting for their next sale to get more prints. :)

talking about prints, i really want to get the canon pro9000 photo printer as my ip5000 can’t do prints anymore, not even 4×6’s. i ordered from adorama 6 packs of the 50 canon photo paper pro II 4x6s and 30 of the 13×19 canon photo paper pro platinum that i’m itching to print on but i need a printer first. LOL i paid $13.32 for all the 4×6’s and $32.85 for the 13x19s which is a steal considering the quality of the photo papers. i have tried the regular photo paper plus from canon and i wasn’t that impressed.

so, hopefully i’ll get my printer soon…one of these days.


More Android apps

It’s been a month or so and here are my favorite Apps so far:

Feedjuice – excellent for following your favorite reads/blogs

HD dolphin browser – the stock browser is great too but I love this one. There are add ons just like Firefox to make your web browsing more enjoyable.

Facebook pink – I tried the regular fb app and wasn’t impressed. I saw this one a month later and decided to pay $1.5 for it. It is wonderful and I love the pink color. Also it is for a good cause. I admit I enjoy going on fb pink more than the website. Lol

Angry birds – a very entertaining game! Also beautiful graphics!

WordPress – super useful when you have a few minutes between something and just want to jumpstart your blog post. :)

Appbrain – manage and sync all your Apps. And if you switch phones, you will have a list of all your Apps and can re-install them easily.

Quick battery – displays your current battery life. Very helpful!

Gtasks – just another app that you can add to-do lists, such as shopping. I put my notes in this app as I think of them so I won’t forget.

Watchdog lite – android is all about running different apps simultaneously so this comes in very handy. Kill the apps you don’t want running to save battery juice.

Dropbox – drop files here that you want to be able.to access anywhere, ie: your home PC, laptop, and phone. This way you do not need to transfer files back and forth. Is that easy or what?

Calendar snooze – this app makes your calendar really rock! It lets you customize ringtones, snooze frequencies, etc. Really cool.

Amazon – lets you scan barcodes to check on Amazon.com. very cool!

Target – same thing as the Amazon app. Since I shop mainly at these two places, I love the apps.

360Camera – choose an effect and snap! there are some cool effects here! There’s a paid app but there’s a free option.

fxCamera – same concept as 360camera. i especially love the polaroid option.

That’s my list for now. These apps have my phone acting like a mini-netbook. I totally love that it seems to simplify a lot of things I am already doing but doing it much more efficiently.

If you have some recommendations for android, I’ll love to hear it. :)