mario kart for wii!!!

mario kart

¬†we were on our way home from merced this morning and james was like, “it’s 10:00?? let’s go get my game from costco!!” i was like “what??” and he replied “mario kart!!!”

how could i forget?? i’ve been waiting for that game to be release all month! so i got all excited and we stopped by the costco in merced and picked up our very own copy!! it comes with the wheel that you can pop your wii remote into and use like a wheel (duh shellie!).

unlike super mario galaxy or super smash brothers, i played mario kart right away. i haven’t even play smash brothers yet! love the graphics of mario kart, and i actually find it easier to play WITHOUT using the wheel. i like setting my “kart” to manual so you can do the drift yourself rather than automatic.

i’ve already unlocked the four racing cups in the 100cc race and 2 characters! that’s saying a lot for me cause i don’t play games much.

there are also BABY PEACH and BABY MARIO as racing characters. they are so cute!

ratings: definitely a 5 stars game!


sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!


mychelle sun shield spf 28 with zinclear

it’s that time again where you would need a stronger sunscreen to protect and prevent sun burns. i want to share a favorite of mine and i had stopped using it since last summer because of a few things:

1) it’s not as easy to spread

2) it balls up!!

i’ve always prefer physical sunscreen although i’ll use chemical sunscreens if i have to. this one is made with zinclear (zinc oxide) but leaves no white residue and my favorite, does not sting the eyes. this is a big plus for me since i wear contacts. you know it can be a pain.

i have 2 tubes of this left and although i stopped using, i didn’t want to throw it away because i always come back to it. just last night i read a few user reviews about how they mixed a drop or two of jojoba oil to the cream to give it a bit of a slip so it’s easier to apply.

i was getting ready this morning and thought why not?? i mix two pea size of the sunscreen with 3/4 of a pea size (how i know that i’m not sure) of the alba hawaiian jasmine and vit e moisturizer on my palm. since both creams are white, they blend and mix very well. it wasn’t too runny but was SO MUCH EASIER to apply to my face and best of all, NO BALLING!! now only if life was this easy!

the result, i got my daily moisturizer, my daily sunscreen, a matte finish, no white residue, and a more confident feeling facing those rays. c’mon, it’s going to be in the 80’s today! :yes: now i know what to do with that $20 mychelle gift certificate i got from taking their survey.

lastly, you know one of the places that’s missed the most when applying creams and what not? the neck. now i have this mental note to include my neck in every step of my skin procedures. ;)



comfy sandal

i got this over the weekend at jcpenney for a deep discount. the heel is about 4 inches and doesn’t feel as comfy when you first tried it on, however wear it and it gets very comfy. it is now one of my favorite pair of sandals. i LOVE it! i may have to get the black pair too when it goes on sale.

yellow sandal

this one looks very cute. i haven’t officially wear it yet but i did try it on and since i have wide feet, the toe strap didn’t feel very comfortable to me. this is my first pair of yellow sandals. also got it at jcpenney for a deep discount. i may keep it for that.


alba hawaiian jasmine and vit e moisturizer – currently my favorite moisturizer as it leaves the skin soft and supple and moisturizes very well. unless i find another favorite, this is a definite rebuy. it’s gentle and i don’t feel like it clogs my pores.

sheer moisturizer

i splurged on this stila kit from ulta for about $40. it’s got five full size items in the kit and this illuminating moisturizer itself retails for $32. this one provides no coverage and gives your face a nice illuminating effect. i don’t believe that effect lasts all day but i love it! i wouldn’t call this a tinted moisturizer and i’ve tried my share of them, this is my favorite so far. i love the no coverage, love the sparkle it gave and the spf protection is adequate for the amount of time i’m out in the sun. there’s two shades, shade 1 and 2 and shade 1 is yellow based while shade 2 is pink based. i got the yellow based. rebuy? yep!