tarte smooth operator spf 20

a few months ago, i went out to try the new sephora mineral compact pressed powder. since i was on the look out for a pressed powder as they are not messy like loose powder and it’s easier for me to carry them around. i also singled out this particular sephora powder because it contain no parabens or bismuth. i matched the shade d30 and i’ve been very very happy with this powder. i use it to set over my tinted moisturizer and a very light coverage is all i go for so this is perfect. i assume you can build on the coverage too if needed.

while i was there, i was sort of glancing over at their tinted moisturizer and i told the rep that i like more natural stuff. she pointed me to cargo and tarte’s products. since my family was waiting, i didn’t spend extra time to test out the products. i’ve been sort of thinking about a new tinted moisturizer. i’m using jemma kidd’s and i like it but, i of course, wanted a more natural alternative. i wasn’t looking until tarte was pointed out to me but now i want to see if there’s a shade match as i’ll like to eventually it.

we went to the mall today to exchange a gymboree shoe that i bought for faith for a dress for jaelynn. i bought the shoe in a size smaller than i should have and since a replacement size is already on the way, i let jaelynn picked out a dress instead. so, i stopped by the sephora inside jcpenney’s and took a closer look at all the shades available from tarte. i tested tarte smooth operator agent 06 with yellow undertones and james said he couldn’t tell a difference. i looked some more and saw a shade in agent 10 that has a bit more yellow undertones and tried that too. again it blended in. the texture is not as thick as jemma kidd’s. the added spf 20 is a plus.

the rep saw me looking at the two shades side by side and offered to do a shade test. i said sure why not? she tried 3 shades on my lower cheek and said agent 10 was a great match. i told her i’ll take it and she went to get me the product. a few minutes later she came back and apologize because that shade was out. she filled out a sample jar for me to take home and said they should have some on the next shipment. i thanked her.

i’m going to order a tube online when tarte or sephora have a sale because i don’t need it right away and i can save some money. i’ll also have time to use up the jemma kidd’s and the sample she gave me.

i’m going to start paying more attention to tarte and cargo’s. :)


clothes shopping for faith

goodbye summer, hello autumn! for the last week it seems the mornings are way more chilly. ah, a sign of the colder months ahead. with that thought, i put my giftcards to good use at the stores below.

i cashed out my remaining points from spg and got a $25 gap card. i received in the mail, a 30% off coupon so i went shopping. purchase: warm jacket $68 – $20.4 (30% off) – $25 giftcard = $21 and some changes including taxes.


gap kids warmest jacket with belt

i received a $30 gymboree gift card and 20% off coupon and here’s what i got: a sweater and a short sleeve cardigan. total was $54.48 – $10.90 (20%) – $30 giftcard = $17.17 including taxes. i used the remaining of my visa giftcard for the balance.


gymboree striped sweater and short sleeve cardigan

this morning i purchased the BIG BUNDLE below for $14.99 – what a great price huh? we’d already used the $10 giftcard from papa john’s and got an extra large pizza with 3 meat toppings for $3.04 out of pocket. mmmm…

there was also a $10 giftcard from shoebuy.com. i went through bing.com to get 15% cashback. i bought: skecher’s cuddlebug boot for $31.45 – $3.15 member discount – $10 giftcard = $18.30 out of pocket. i just got an email from bing that my cashback amount is $4.24 so that took my total down to $14.06. not bad eh?


skecher’s cuddlebugs heart sparkle boot


christmas shopping!


step2 train table

it’s not even halloween or thanksgiving yet but i jumped ahead and started shopping for christmas. i’m putting myself on a strict budget. when target was having a clearance sale on toys, i bought a few for christmas without spending alot. a few days ago, i won a huge lot of legos from ebay for $65 and some changes including shipping (the seller was wonderful and refunded me $5.48 back in shipping!). i also bought a step 2 train table from walmart for $47. jaelynn and faith love trains and recently got a chance to play with some legos and they love them.  we are trying to encourage more imaginative play and less tv so we are counting on these to provide exactly that.

we were at a consignment boutique the other day and they have a play kitchen on the floor. jaelynn played with that the whole time. everytime i asked if she was ready to leave, she’ll pushed me the other way and told me to go look at the pretty clothes…LOL i asked the shop owner how much the kicthen is since i didn’t see a price. she said she wasn’t ready to sell it because her granddaughter likes it too. when i finally got jaelynn out of the store, she was fuming mad at me. i had to explained a couple of times that the shop owner didn’t want to sell it. what a day!