free prints and taebo

sign up at artscow and receive 400 free prints credits & 1 free 8×8 custom cover photo books. i just signed up and am not sure how reliable their services are but definitely a go for free photo prints! :D and if you sign up through my referral link, i get some credits. ;)

i’m falling in love with taebo!! for a week now, i’ve pushed aside all my other work out dvds and just use the various taebo dvds that i bought. i think the music is very upbeat and everyone are so encouraging that the work outs go by fast. and you really really sweat! this thing just rocks my socks. hahahaha


amped it up! 

i just added taebo amped to my other dvds and love it. i still haven’t work out to every dvd that i own but that’s okay. the workouts are about 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes. you will really really feel this by the next day.

a week ago i bought one dvd from borders for 40% off for a discounted price of $11.89. everywhere was about $14.99 so i feel like i got a good price for it. when i decide i want to add a few more workouts to my taebo collection, i stopped by a ross store and guess what? they have a bunch of taebo dvds for $4.99!! naturally i picked up another 3! >:< selections may varied by stores but i saw some shape dvds too.

now, i believe out of all the workouts i’ve tried, taebo will probably give you the fastest result however it is much easier to hurt yourself doing taebo. i know i know, because i’ve hurt myself before and it wasn’t fun. i realized i was doing too much too fast instead of going at my own pace. i learn to listen to my body more and if i can’t punch or kick or move as fast as they do, i don’t push myself. since i work out at home, i have a tendency to not wear shoes and one of the tips i read was to WEAR shoe so you don’t hurt your self since there’s quite a bit of arching.

so if you want to try taebo, start off slowly (as always) and don’t push yourself more than it can take.

now, let’s go and kick some butt!


get some spicy noodles!

yum yum!

spicy kimchi flavored noodles!

okay, saw this on slickdeals. if you love these noodles (we do!!!), amazon is having a special this whole month, buy $29 worth of nongshim products and get $10 off plus they always have free super saver shipping over $25! my total was $27.92, which comes out to about $6.98 each box. this is a great deal considering you’ll be paying more buying it from the local asian supermarket.

i got us 2 boxes of kimchi flavored and 2 of the hot and spicy. i love these and they have just enough spicy flavored to it that faith can also enjoy. i only use half of the seasoning packet. really that’s all you need cause using the whole packet makes it too salty.


working out [episode 100th]

you know how i always go on and off with my work out routine?? i started working out a month ago and while my weight hasn’t really went down, my clothes fit so much better now, if that makes sense. :D plus my tummy is not hanging over my pants as much anymore!

here are what’s in my routine at the minute:

1) Prevention Belly Butt and Thigh – i ordered this through gaiam as part of a 5 item package for $5 and it’s ab-solutely one of the best purchases i’ve made in a long time. it’s fun, works and the quickest 10 minute routine of your day. trust me. ;) it’s got 3 ten minute works, 1 each for belly, butt, and thighs.

2) Shape Bikini Body Camp – 3 30 minute workouts that include cardio, strength training and skills and drills. the cardio is just awesome! it’s not easy so i ease into it when i’ve been working out for 2 weeks. the last 30 minute session is a a bit of everything and my favorite.

i don’t even drink coffee much, just the occasional cup when i need a wake up call and i stopped that. now it’s only water and tea. i’m eating more vegetables and feel so much better. it’s times like this that i feel so very good about myself. i only wish for the motivation to continue on. hey, even james noticed and is motivating me on. maybe that’s all i need.

i placed an order at victoria secret a few weeks ago and think i may become an addict. i just place another order a few days ago and i can’t wait to receive those. it’s mostly shirts but i really like them. i almost place another order yesterday for a summer dress but stopped myself. items are still in my cart…i need to stop visiting that site.