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It’s almost Friday! Yippee! The kids are officially on summer break and I have a harder than usual time getting up in the morning to go to work. I can get up around 5am on the weekends, no problem. But I have to make myself get up on the weekdays. What’s wrong with this picture? I digress…

I found a great drama that I started on and am currently on episode 7. It is called “Perfect Couple” starring Wallace Huo and Tang Yan. These two are so hilarious (and gorgeous!) in here that you can’t help but laugh with and at them. So far, it’s been a really easy drama to watch – meaning nothing that requires much for a good laugh. I don’t know about you but sometimes I get tired of the really serious drama and going back to these are just the thing. I love fun dramas! I won’t spoil anything but if you want to check the first few episodes out to see if it’s your thing, head on over to Viki – Perfect Couple.


Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


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Korean Wave heartthrob Kim Rae Won (Rooftop Room Cat) stars in the 2004 MBC drama Tell Me You Love Me, alongside award-winning film actress Yeom Jung Ah (A Tale of Two Sisters), Yoon So Yi (Goodbye Solo), and Kim Sung Soo (Full House, Lawyers). Unlike many Korean dramas which rely on pure love and teary melodrama, Tell Me You Love Me explores both the innocent and dark sides of love and human nature.

Byung Soo (Kim Rae Won) and Young Chae (Yoon So Yi) have been inseparable since childhood. The perfect couple in everyone’s eyes, they even work at the same film company, working together to achieve their common dream. Their happiness is a thorn to film company CEO Ina (Yeom Jung Ah), a successful businesswoman who has worked hard to achieve her current position, but yet can’t seem to find happiness. Seeing Byung Soo dote on Young Chae only reminds her further of how empty her life and relationship with buddy and lover Hee Soo (Kim Sung Soo) are. Ina decides that she must break apart Byung Soo and Young Chae.


still here

some photos from a week ago:


jaelynn and her uncle chee


faith and her uncle chee


james and i

i was able to watch a few episodes of the drama “dreams link” aka “dream behind the curtain” and it was really good. however, after episode 5, there’s no more subs so i’m on a withdrawal. alex fong look and acted very well from what i’ve seen and looks great with the younger girl even though he’s 20 years older. i really hope they have english subs soon. i’m on a cliffhanger here….*yikes*




tv series, again.

we didn’t do much on labor day. we pretty much tidy up the house a bit and just relax.

i’m trying to create a budget for us. again. i’m trying not to spend money on anything we don’t need. that way we’ll be able to save up some cash for when we do need something.

i finished watching “green rose” weeks ago. started off very good with great chemistry between both leads. halfway though, i thought the chemistry kinda frail off. finished watching “nine tailed fox” last weekend. i knew the ending but i watched it anyway. i bought it a year ago and it was over at my brother-in-law for a long time. when i got it back, my brother borrowed it and i just got it again a few weeks ago. kim ta-hee was not very impressive to me in this one. i don’t know why. the guy’s pretty hot though. ;)
i recently started watching “shades of truth” and am on episode 18. it’s okay – kinda like “infernal affairs” except it has a lighter atmosphere, humor, and sorta slow. it’s my fall-back on series at the moment.




then 3 days ago i stumbled upon a series called “time of dog and wolf“. i first noticed it because of the title. i wanted to watch something with lotsa action but also have a romantic plot. i read about this series and it seem to be what i was looking for. i watched it at mysoju.com and boy, it was so good i was immediately addicted! it’s really fast paced, and the action was really good. again, it was sorta “infernal affairs” themed but with a darker atmosphere and the suspense and thrilled were present at every turn. it really kept me on the edge. i have watched up to episode 14 and cannot wait for the last two episodes. to my knowledge, this series is still being air in korean. the last two episodes will be air today and tomorrow. somehow, i want the drama to be longer. i’ll be sad when it’s over but oh well.
i highly recommend this drama. all the actors and actresses did a great job.