Goodbye Google Reader! Hello Feedly!

Google has announced it will axed the Reader in the next couple of months. Sad sad sad! :(

Today, I did a search on readers and found Feedly. It's a lot more intuitive and prettier than GR. I like that it has an app (everything has an app, yeah?), you can access via Google, anf

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fav. blog reads + google reader + feedjuice = LOVE!

what a wonderful equation huh?

this is one of my top favorite apps for the captivate. it is really hard for me to read and keep myself up to date on all my favorite stuff. i actually tried about 4 different feed apps on the captivate before i settled on this one. it is very fast, very light and i just love love love it!

i subscribed to all the feeds using google reader and added my reader account to feedjuice. it then pulls every new post from google reader, list them in order of date with the blog name and i pick whichever one i want to read. i can do this without having to be on the computer, anywhere at all. with kids, it is definitely a time saver for me. i know i’ll get every update without trying to remember which is which and when i find a great blog i want to follow, click, it gets added to google reader.

try it out and it just might make you fall in love, again! :D



slowly but surely…

i’m replacing things in my house with more eco-friendly alternatives. sure it get expensive but the thought that it is much better for my family really drive me.

so here’s what i did today (you guess it, more shopping):

1) replaced our old cotton sheets with these rayon / bamboo sheets from jcpenney (used thank-you giftcards). they feel SO soft!!! what a difference!

2) replaced our pillows with new organic cotton ones – again using giftcards so my wallet is okay. :D

3) replaced our plastic food storage containers with pyrex glass storage containers. bought 4 sets.


pyrex 6 piece storage set

4) i was just browsing and saw these oh so cute incense holders so i grabbed 3 from gaiam. about $7.08 w/ t & s.


zen incense holder

aren’t these just beautiful??? as much as i love the colors and idea, i’ll hold out for now. see more here.


decorative bamboo charcoal


multipurpose decorative air freshener

last but not least, you have to visit this website i somehow stumbled on. i love the concept of it – all kinds of neat things and ideas to decor your home with. maybe i won’t look much so i won’t spend much but still, it’s a great blog!


green your decor



2 thumbs up for this free, easy, and light defraggler from the makers of ccleaner so it’s free too!!


i have it on my pc for a while but never got to defragmenting it because i just didn’t think about it. two nights ago, i got brave and opened it up and had it on defrag during the night. i love this thing! it’s so light and free up 50gb of space on my harddrive. isn’t that just wonderful?? i love using ccleaner too so this is a great combo in my book! get it if you haven’t! :D it only takes a long time to defrag the first time.