Chingmy Yau

Also know as Yau Sak Ching, born May 16, 1968 (Age 39)

Chingmy Yau is to me absolutely sexy and gorgeous! If you ask me who’s the sexiest Chinese actress, it is her. She is not stick-thin like a lot of actresses and yet look amazing.cy041.jpg

I find her totally captivating on screen in any role she played. She appeared in a number of Category III films, namely the critically acclaimed “Naked Killer” and “Lover of the Last Empress” but never went fully nude on screen. What I admire about her is her ability to portrayed her characters wonderfully well and yet still mysterious. Her characters ranged from smart and sexy (“High Risk”) to seductive and lethal (“Lover of the Last Empress”) to naive and cute (“I’m Your Birthday Cake”).

She started out in the 1987 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. She was one of the two favorites until rumors that she had surgery surfaced. Chingmy responded that the surgery was due to an injury. It wasn’t that she was asked to leave but that she withdrawn due to the speculation.

She went on to date director Wong Jing for some years and appeared in many of his films, including “The New Legend of Shaolin” and “High Risk” alongside Jet Li, “City Hunter” with Jackie Chan, “Royal Tramp” with Stephen Chow, and “Young and Dangerous 2” and “Boys are Crazy” with Ekin Cheung.

It was said that the movie “Tomb Raider” got the idea for Lara Croft’s costume from Chingmy’s character in “City Hunter”.

She supposedly broke up with Wong Jing in 1997 and starred in the film “Hold You Tight” in 1998 that show a more serious side than just sexy. Regrettably, we may never know how far she can go. She was nominated for Best Actress award but unfortunately did not win. She married her husband, Shen Jiawei in 1999 and have her first daughter in 2001. She has not formally retired from the Entertainment Circle but did not appear in any films either.

As you can probably tell, I love watching her scenes – from flirting with Jet Li in “The New Legend of Shaolin” to toying with Ekin in “Boys are Crazy”, she’s packed with a full range of emotions.

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