Nursery bedding

I want to paint the nursery in pink and light green stripes down the wall. And I love these two beddings alot.

Which one looks best? I’m torned. :(

Pottery Barn Kids Ribbon Bedding

Baby Gap’s Barnyard Bedding

For the Baby Gap Bedding, I want to switch the striped red crib sheet with the green so so I’ll still have pink and green. :D


I’m having a GIRL!

I went to my ultrasound on friday and learned that I’m having another little girl! :D She’s due in September and Faith’ll be 3 years old in June. She’ll have someone to play with now. ;)

If anyone’s interest in my Registry list from Walmart – it is here Baby Registry under Shellie.


Ultrasound tomorrow!

I’m going for my 2nd ultrasound appointment tomorrow. I think I’ll be able to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl and then Faith and I are off to the Sacramento Zoo. It’ll be fun. I was thinking of taking her to Funderland, but then I won’t be able to ride any of the rides with her.

Check this site out – GDiapers.com. Call me way behind, but I just learned that disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose. OHMIGOSH! So I’m looking into alternatives, such as cloth diapers. It will be hard when the baby’s at the babysitter so I’ll have to still use disposable sometime but I feel really bad about the landfill problem. :(

I do like the cloth diapers (oh there are so many kind) and I stumbled upon the GDiapers website and I am definitely trying that out first. It’s like a cross between disposables and cloth. Not as time consuming as cloth but not as convenient as disposable. And you can compost? the Ddiaper liners in your own garden!


organic hair and facial products! woohoo! (long post)

if you haven’t check out this website EWG’s Skin Deep yet, be warned that you might not like what’s in your shampoos, conditioners, or facial cleansers and moisturizers.

to start off i saw ojon hair care playing on qvc and got very interested in their products. mainly because i want to chop off my hair but i’m gonna wait until after the baby. so in the meantime i need serious care for my dried, damage and brittle hair. seriously i hated it that much. so i order the ojon restorative treatment on ebay to try out first.

at the same time i have been lurking in the long hair community reading about tips and what others do to take care of their hair, and of course to make them grow. i read about the conditioning only wash (no shampoo) and i want to try it because my scalp itches and get flaky and i’ve used neutrogena’s t-gel shampoo to no avail. if i skip one day of washing with shampoo, my scalp itches madly. i was using dove at this time.

so after reading this forum and checking out the ewg.org website, i stopped using dove. i went to vitaminshoppe and bought an organic shampoo and conditioner and i love it. the shampoo is from avalon organics and the lemo smell is so wonderful! the conditioner is from giovanni organics and my hair loves it. i also went out and bought the aveda rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner which i also love and are all sulfate-free (which i believe another for it is “cones”).

the first night i received the ojon restorative treatment, i did what the instructions said, and it really melts in your palm when you rub your hands together. i coated my hair and put on a shower cap and went to bed. the next morning i used the aveda shampoo and conditioner to wash it out and i remember to give my scalp a good massage.

oh boy! my hair was so soft and feels great. :D i can see it’s shinning although the ends were still dried and damaged. i definitely saw results so it’s a keeper. i did another treatment the next night and repeat the shampoo and conditioner and i really really love the way my hair feels now. plus the scent of the treatment smells great. some people hated it. i also use a grain-size of the treatment as a leave in on my dried ends each day and i just love my hair so much more now.

i’ve been conditioning only for the last 3 days (with giovanni and aveda on and off) and i’m amazed that my scalp isn’t itching like crazy without the shampoo and it’s not FLAKY! that is a big big big plus for me! not only that, my hair doesn’t shed like crazy in the shower or when i brush it. this morning, i only shed 5 strands? of hair!! i’m so loving these products! and my hair is so much more manageable, with no tangles and knots. i can’t stop talking about it.

i was using nivea visage cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for my face but didn’t feel comfy with what’s showing on the ewg.org site so yesterday, i bundled those up including my aveda tourmaline charged masque and put them away. i went to vitaminshoppe (again) and bought aubrey organics’ cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask. smell very organic. :)

faith is using loreal kids 2 in 1 shampoo with honeydew and it’s got sulfate (or cones). i didn’t want to use it last night so i only used a tiny bit and i’m throwing that out too. i’m going to stop by vitaminshoppe (again again) today after work and get some burt’s bees’ baby shampoo bar, soap, baby oil, and bath soak.

i find myself reading the labels alot now and i’m probably being unreasonable and kinda paranoid but hey, if i can get a little piece of mind, i don’t mind much. organic products is much more expensive but oh well, we’ll see how it goes.