gymnastics…shots…& ice age!

faith received two vaccine shots today. she didn’t cry the first time but she bawled on the second shot. that is until they gave her a sticker. and then she tells me she couldn’t walk anymore (she received the shots on both thighs). she was so cute!

i just found this place that teach gymnastics and dancing to toddlers for about $50 a month. i’m taking her to a trial class and probably enroll her. i would love for her to learn gymnastics. then when she turns 3, i’ll enroll her in the dancing class too and save 20%! she’s going to have a blast because she’s dancing and going wall to wall at home just watching dora and barney.

actually, i would love to enroll her in a swim class this summer too but we have this tradition where if you’re pregnant you cannot get into a “pool” of water. sometimes getting close to one is forbidden too. now if james will go with her to the swim classes, i have no problem enrolling her. *sigh* no waterworld for me this summer.

i got two free movie tickets to see ice age, the meltdown or any other movie by buying 10 frozen food items at safeway. cool eh? ice age opened today so faith and i are going to watch it. i’m looking forward to that.

she’s been asking me for madagascar too. i ordered the dvd with shrek (it’s a 2 dvd for 1 price and because she scratched our copy of shrek) for $19.19 from deepdiscountdvd.com. i love them. $8.95 for 2nd day shipping. awesome! in additional to madagascar, i got laughing in the wind vol 2 and vol 3, a better tomorrow 1 & 2 with chow yun fat, and spooky encounters.


craving beef!

i want some beef so bad today so i got “beef with vegetable chow fun” from a local chinese restaurant! mmm…it was totally delicious and was made extra spicy!

tomorrow faith has a dentist appointment. i’m not sure how it’ll go so i’m hoping for a smooth visit, with faith cooperating of course. i’m going to take the digital camera to see if they’ll let me take some photos too since it will be her first visit. something for her to see later, you konw?
on a side note, i just don’t have the motivation to get start on those wordpress themes i wanted. after work, i’ll be so tired and do not want to spend another a few hours doing that. so i’ll leave it til this weekend.


Papaya Salad…hmm

my sister came up from merced and when her boyfriend came over, he brought some papaya salad for me. (pictured)

it’s an asian appitezer made with of course, green papaya (not ripe), and a million other sauce and spices. fish sauce, dried pepper, crab paste, tamarind, lemon juice, tomatoe, just to name a few. it’s one of the best dishes in the world and i eat it everytime i go to merced. this lady there makes the best!

once in a while, i would have a bad craving for it. this one’s not as good as the one i can get in merced but it does satisfy my craving.



i went back to wordpress. i wasn’t satisfied with my layout yesterday and so decided to just use geeklog for faith’s site, and not mine.

so here is wordpress again. and i love this release. it’s looks cooler and much better than the other version i have installed. anyway, i worked on a new layout and got this, somewhat better than the last one so i’ll stick to it. at least it look like i put some work into it. :D

want to plug Pinacoladas – that’s an awesome site and drawings. so cute!

i’m so fatigued lately. and the muscles in my right hip is killing me. maybe i’m gaining more weight than i should cause i feel like my weight is too heaving for my legs to support all of a sudden. i’m on my second trimester but this pregnancy is much harder than my 1st. i’m seriously sick all the time. but i’m excited. faith’ll be 3 in june and i’m due after that so…i’m looking forward to it too.

well, back to work tomorrow. thank goodness my job requires me to be seated otherwise i don’t know how i’ll stand standing up.