Day 82 – project 365

A new pair of shoes that I just received today! I tried it on and it seem very comfortable.  The real test will be tomorrow when I wear it all day.


Day 81 – project 365

james was sick most of this weekend and today was the day he felt a lot better. thankgoodness! this weekend was also beautiful, weather wise, so we went walking. alex is always wanting to go out walking. all the time. LOL

i have been trying to go on a healthier diet to hopefully shed some of these weight. i’m not sure if it’s working but i feel a lot better without the daily portion of rice and meat. i’m thinking even if i don’t lose any weight, i’m not feeling so weight down as before so it’s good enough. :) it’s been a month since i cut out the rice and meat and i’m hoping to keep this going. we’ll see…i’m always on and off these kinds of things.


Day 80 – project 365

i’m so bad!!! i lagged off so many days! *sigh* most of the time my days are the same and i don’t have anything to photograph but i don’t remember until it’s too late. i felt really bad when i don’t blog a photo. let me try again. :)

i got in on the blurb groupon deal months back and bought 3 of them. i sent off jaelynn’s 8.5 x 11 and alex’s 12×12 last weekend to print. i was so very surprised when i got a shipping notification from blurb on thursday and they delivered them today!! ^^

i ripped them open so fast since i was just so excited!! they were shrink wrapped and look fantastic! i promptly looked through them and fell in love! i chose the image wrap option with premium papers on both. having only ordered from shutterfly and mypublisher, blurb is definitely the better one yet. now, i have to admit i did not know what i was doing when i ordered from shutterfly a few years ago. i do believe i did not save my images correctly, ie: 300 dpi. i will try them again one of these days. mypublisher was good too but not by choice. with the groupon deal, i was able to choose more premium options and i think those made a difference. you can really tell the “premium” from the regular papers. :D the covers are sturdy and very nice!

here are a few photos (jaelynn’s book was made using paislee press’ off to press templates and alex’s was made using kitty designs’ inspire me sketches 4 and whimsical sketches 3):

now, my oldest is demanding that i make her another photobook ASAP as her old 8×8 (shutterfly) one is not nice at all. okay, so it was years ago and i think the design leaves much to be desire but still… she wants one with her name on the front cover, not on the spine. it also needs to be big like alex’s. she was actually crying during this rant. i felt so bad so i said i’ll work on hers in the next few days. geesh…kids! LOL