Day 50 – project 365

Okay, so it’s not really a photo for the day but these are what I scrapped today:

Karen Funk Just Peachy
Paislee Press Hello Perfection wordart

rainy day designs guides 6
just because studio and luiza garay wiggle & giggle kit

Jazzmin My Everything kit

Rainy Day Designs Guide 2
Captivated Visions Happy Snapper


Day 49 – project 365

I have been doing really good with trying to slim down. I’m working out 20-60 minutes a day and have gone without rice and meat for 2 weeks. I feel so much better, lighter, and my pants are fitting better. I am not craving any meat but I love noodles and only allow myself to splurge Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (once a day). I figured I can deal with that.

I tried to add some veggies and tofu to make it healthier but it is still noodles at the end of the day. I had some soba stir-fried noodles with veggies and tofu yesterday but it wasn’t satisfying. my favorite kind of noodles are the worst for you – rice noodles.

for dinner today, i made this (which i love love love!!):

one cup of ramen noodles, rinsed & drained

some veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, and sweet peppers)

and voila!!! it is so yummy and tasty!! i could eat it all day!

i also added a bit of lite soy sauce, sambal oelek paste, fried ground chili, and oyster sauce. sometimes i add a bit of fried eggs too. a very yummy dish that you can spice it up any way you like!!


Day 47 – project 365

I spent some money today. I have been really good and not spending $$ for things I don’t need. Most of the stuff I bought are necessities…like the convertible car seat for alex, my jump rope, and my high fiber quaker instant oatmeal that i have for breakfast every work morning. i probably did not need to buy the 5 cans of corns but i like that stuff and so does the kids. oh well…

for the first time in weeks, i wanted something right after my amy’s frozen entree dinner. like, really bad! so i made some eggs soup – it’s just eggs, plain water, a bit of salt and pepper to taste and that’s it. my girls love it! :) and it seem to satisfy whatever hunger i was having.