Day 37 – project 365

Alex is 18 months old and he had his well baby appt today. The hubby said Alex screamed and cried as soon as they touched him. He’s never done that before nor has the girls but it looks like our future appts will be battles. LOL

I bought this little bike for him a year ago and now he’s mastered it. Here is a photo of him maneuvering the bike with just one foot…hehehe

ETA: My internet is just crawling (speed is way under 1 Meg!!) so I’ll upload the photo tomorrow. Comcast is having to switch their Sbr cards. :(


Day 35 – project 365

We went to Susumu for some Hibachi fares. This is our 2nd time eating Tappenyaki style (first was in Maui in June). We took the kids too and they simply loved it!! That front seat view of the cooking, fire, and a bit of show that they put on really impressed my kids! LOL They were so cute going “aaaahhh!!!” and “WOW!!!!”. Even Alex was transfixed! The food was great too – I love this kind of eating out since I do not feel overly stuffed and yet, I’m satisfied. The veggies were perfectly cooked and so delicious.

There’s something about being served right off the “kitchen” after the foods are done that is quite special. :) Loved the atmosphere.



Day 34 – project 365

I got a few minutes of quiet time after my Kickboxing workout since Alex is sleeping and I browsed through my new January Allure issue. I skimmed through most but this article.

I like a lot of the tips she dished out, such as having a cookie is not the problem, it is having lots of cookies that is. Another is to clear out all prepackaged foods from the kitchen, such as pretzels or chips, so you won’t be tempted to ripped into them and wolf everything down when you are hungry. She said if a ripe pear doesn’t appeal to you, then you are probably not very famished.

I find the article very inspiring since that is me to a T. When I get home from work and am starving, I eat half a bag of candies or something in addition to dinner.

I am ripping this out and putting it on the fridge door. I will reread it when I find myself slipping. :D