Day 15 – Project 365

It was pouring today!! Hard! I was going to just stay inside and be warm, which worked until noon. I had to go out because I needed to pick up 2 online orders from Jcpenney and the Mario All Stars Wii games from Toys R Us. It was crazy! The good thing was that there weren’t many people out and about because of the weather. Whew…I didn’t want to drive in the pouring rain and lots of traffic.

On my way to JcPenney, I passed this huge christmas tree and a little ding! went off in my head. It’s really funny that I’ll remember to take pictures at random moments of the day. That was my moment. I stopped my fast-walk to snapped this photo (it’s simply gorgeous!) using camera360:

beautiful huh?

I had to stop at the grocery store too and totally forgot to pick up a dessert for our “soups & desserts” day at work tomorrow. >:< That means I’ll need to stop along the way tomorrow morning. Hopefully it won’t be pouring!


Day 14 – Project 365

Wow…I can’t believe I have been at this for 2 whole weeks!! I am loving it! :D

i am really digging this fb pink app. so here is a screen capture. :)

this is a photo of feedjuice. it looks very simple, doesn’t it?


More Android apps

It’s been a month or so and here are my favorite Apps so far:

Feedjuice – excellent for following your favorite reads/blogs

HD dolphin browser – the stock browser is great too but I love this one. There are add ons just like Firefox to make your web browsing more enjoyable.

Facebook pink – I tried the regular fb app and wasn’t impressed. I saw this one a month later and decided to pay $1.5 for it. It is wonderful and I love the pink color. Also it is for a good cause. I admit I enjoy going on fb pink more than the website. Lol

Angry birds – a very entertaining game! Also beautiful graphics!

WordPress – super useful when you have a few minutes between something and just want to jumpstart your blog post. :)

Appbrain – manage and sync all your Apps. And if you switch phones, you will have a list of all your Apps and can re-install them easily.

Quick battery – displays your current battery life. Very helpful!

Gtasks – just another app that you can add to-do lists, such as shopping. I put my notes in this app as I think of them so I won’t forget.

Watchdog lite – android is all about running different apps simultaneously so this comes in very handy. Kill the apps you don’t want running to save battery juice.

Dropbox – drop files here that you want to be able.to access anywhere, ie: your home PC, laptop, and phone. This way you do not need to transfer files back and forth. Is that easy or what?

Calendar snooze – this app makes your calendar really rock! It lets you customize ringtones, snooze frequencies, etc. Really cool.

Amazon – lets you scan barcodes to check on Amazon.com. very cool!

Target – same thing as the Amazon app. Since I shop mainly at these two places, I love the apps.

360Camera – choose an effect and snap! there are some cool effects here! There’s a paid app but there’s a free option.

fxCamera – same concept as 360camera. i especially love the polaroid option.

That’s my list for now. These apps have my phone acting like a mini-netbook. I totally love that it seems to simplify a lot of things I am already doing but doing it much more efficiently.

If you have some recommendations for android, I’ll love to hear it. :)