Day 11 – Project 365

One good thing I can say about this 1 photo a day project is that I’m definitely shooting more photos!! It doesn’t matter if I use my phone camera or nikon but I want to capture something of my day, whether at night or on my way home. I thnk it will be interesting to look back at all these photos and remember what I took each day.

Unfortunately, my day to day activities are pretty much the same day in and day out unless there are special occasion or we have to go out. Therefore, my challenge is finding something to shoot, in addition to my kids. Sometimes I’ll want to go out and shoot something different but it’s dark so early that it’s almost undo-able. That or it has been raining.

Here is a shot I capture with my phone, using the FxCamera app:

yep, lots of traffic!


Day 9 – Project 365

The (wonderful!) hubby helped me hanged the rest of my cubes and frames tonight. However, I was so exhausted after I got home from work that I didn’t do anything. I’m glad I have a daily reminder about my Project 365. :)

Here’s my very small and cramped desk. My laptop’s there but I will probably have to move it when I do paper scrapbooking.

i’m totally spaced out!


Weekend wrap up

Ahh…as always I hate to see the weekends end. I really enjoy my time home. I did not finish the autograph book though. One of the main reason being that I don’t have a workspace. You know how paper scrapping just need tons of space (or at least I do)?

Since I don’t really have any space to put a desk or money to buy a new one, I had the hubby put my daughter’s small desk in the bedroom for me. I bought the desk for her but she’s not using it at all so here I’m doing something else with it. It’s not big, it’s a kids’ desk but it fits perfect at the end corner of our bedroom. I wanted to make it feel more “homely” so I spent some time re-arranging things and putting up a few pictures so it’ll feel more like a “work space”.

I think it’s getting there but I can always hang more pictures! I just love pictures! Anyway, I’ll take a photo once I feel it’s “ready”.

I did scrapped a bit these past two days, not much but I did something.

credits: jen caputo scallops
tracie stroud pocketful of sunshine
amy martin bugga template

credits: t for me designs quick click minikit
sarah gleason bugga template

credits: amy martin / sarah gleason frogger template
studio taran sugar n spice and everything nice kit