i love paislee press’ stuff!

i’m starting to scrap when i have time and one of the designers’ work that i really really really love is paislee press!

i’m working on jaelynn’s photobook and i am using her blurb templates. it’s looking great so far – very to the point with the main focus on the photos as oppose to a lot of elements and clutter (although i love those too!)

here is one of the layout:


i love zia products!


zia natural products

i’m a skin care products freak…like i try different things a lot. my staple products so far is zia. :heart i’ll try whatever and then when it doesn’t work or i get bored, i go back to zia. i have multiples of their little papaya enzyme mask and citrus night reversal. i love those things! they always seem to make my skin feel nice afterward. i don’t like everything but i liked MOST of what i have tried. you ladies know how it is, you just want to try something else once in a while.

the noah’s naturals didn’t seem to work so well for my skin. after using the cream cleanser for a week straight, my skin got really tight and i started to get dry, itchy patches. :argh whenever my skin gets that way with new products, it takes another week of using a really moisturizing cream to repair. you’ll think i have learn my lesson by now right? nope!

now, the thing with zia products is that they are way too expensive!!! just totally out of my price range. i cannot justify spending $37 for a 1 ounce face creme, no matter how much i love that stuff. the pro here is that it lasts a long time. that’s still not going to make me spend that much $$.

my zia cleanser has lasted me months now and it never never never dries me out, even if i use it every day, morning and night.

i sorted gave up hope on finding any of their stuff at reasonable prices, even with scouring ebay here and there. the last two days though, i scored BIG! a seller have the bamboo exfoliant (6.7 oz) for $7.95 and the nourishing creme (1 oz) for $8.95 with free shipping if you buy 3 of each. what did i do? i purchased three of each of course! this will be the first time i try the bamboo exfoliant. i’m actually very very tempted to buy all that’s left! i keep asking myself if i can use them all before they expired and that’s the only thing that’s stopping me. i’ll sleep on this thought for a few more nights and see. i’m just very psyched!! :lol

if you want just try a few of their products, they have small kits (for oily, combination or dry skin) with 5 sample pieces for $20 at natural stores.

i want to share some of my absolute favorite zia products of ALL time (keep in mind that i have normal to dry skin), and not in any order:

citrus night reversal

moisturizing cleanser with soybean

deep moisture repair serum

nourishing creme


sustainable babyish and other pockets

james is letting me buy more diapers and a few wool soaker / cover for alex to use at night time. i’ve read so many awesome things about wool so now i get to try them.

wool are expensive. without diving right in, i bought a wool cover from sustainable babyish. i have read a lot of raves about how awesome they (sbish) are. one great thing about sbish is their “1 diaper 1 tree” philosophy. for every diaper you buy, a tree will be planted. the day after placing an order for that cover, i promptly placed another order for 2 organic bamboo fleece fitted in teal and sprout. these are supposed to be “magic” night time diapers. then i stumbled upon some sbish flats and doublers for what looked like a great price and bought those too. geesh, so much for trying not to spend so much… :sweatdrop

now onto pockets – in the last few days, i bought a dozen various brands of one size pockets. since the days are getting warmer, i want to hang-dry the covers instead of tossing them in the dryer. we have 31 pockets in our stash and we wash about every 3 days. with the additional pockets, we can afford an extra day for the covers to dry. at least, that is my plan. i bought some cute cute swaddlebees econappis, rumparoos, knickernappis, and blueberry pockets (all used and said to be in great condition) off the FSOT.

i will take photos after everything arrives. here’s to many many days of fluffy mail!! :heart


new work out videos! yay!

i gained a lot of weight during all three of my pregnancies. i’m one of those who have a yo-yo diet. my weight fluctuates all the time and it drives me crazy. when i work out, i feel great and have more energy. i was working out right before i got pregnant with alex and was 126 lbs.

when alex turned 5 months, i was 149 and it was depressing. nothing fit me. i saw some of the photos of us at my little sister’s birthday and i said to myself, that’s it! i need to start losing some weight. on january 8th, i eased slowly back into in exercising. i started with a 30 minutes work out each day, alternating between cardio and strength training. after 1 week, i up my workout to 1 hour. my two staple workouts are slim-n-six by debbie siebers and shape bikini body camp transforming workout. i workout to the “burn it up” phase 3 which is 59 minutes long and the cardio and strength in shape’s which is 60 minutes. i have own these two dvds forever and love them!

i also cut back on rice – i’m only eating rice on special family occasions and minimize my meat intake. so far it’s working little by little.

in 3 months, i lost 10 lbs – i weight in at 139.2 as of this entry. i can fit into some of my old pants, and no longer wears my work clothes that i bought when i went back to work. my tummy and sides doesn’t bulge so much and that has really encourage me to keep going.

i still have a ways to go. i really really hope to lose another 10 lbs by june but i’m optimistic and will take whatever i get. i also love varieties and like to incorporate different workouts to challenge myself.  along those lines, i ordered 2 new workout videos that i saw in fitness magazine from amazon. they are here today and i can’t wait to test them out. i love a good sweating workout. :)


these new videos are personal training with jackie: power circuit training and weight loss cardio kick. according to fitness magazine’s “best workout dvds of 2009“, you’ll burn about 128 calories per 15 minutes circuit with jackie and 171 calories per 20 minute routine with the cardio kick.