slowly but surely…

i’m replacing things in my house with more eco-friendly alternatives. sure it get expensive but the thought that it is much better for my family really drive me.

so here’s what i did today (you guess it, more shopping):

1) replaced our old cotton sheets with these rayon / bamboo sheets from jcpenney (used thank-you giftcards). they feel SO soft!!! what a difference!

2) replaced our pillows with new organic cotton ones – again using giftcards so my wallet is okay. :D

3) replaced our plastic food storage containers with pyrex glass storage containers. bought 4 sets.


pyrex 6 piece storage set

4) i was just browsing and saw these oh so cute incense holders so i grabbed 3 from gaiam. about $7.08 w/ t & s.


zen incense holder

aren’t these just beautiful??? as much as i love the colors and idea, i’ll hold out for now. see more here.


decorative bamboo charcoal


multipurpose decorative air freshener

last but not least, you have to visit this website i somehow stumbled on. i love the concept of it – all kinds of neat things and ideas to decor your home with. maybe i won’t look much so i won’t spend much but still, it’s a great blog!


green your decor


our new bed


our simple bed in our simple room.

it’s been a few weeks since we have our new memory foam mattress and platform bed set up. i have to say i LOVE it!! it’s definitely different from regular mattresses and my body took a few days to get use to the bed. however, since we’ve had it, i have not experience ANY back pain! that in itself is a miracle.

the thing is, with all of my pregnancies, i have back pain constantly. i’ll wake up feeling like i’m 80 years old. i still feel like that sometimes (cause of the sciatica) but no back pains. it’s made a huge difference. james have also been commenting on how much he loves it too!

it wasn’t a bad purchase afterall!


diaper stash organizer

and just because i couldn’t resist posting , we bought this storage shelf from costco for $29.97 to store baby’s diapers. it’s so much sturdier than i expected and so easy to install. no screws needed plus plenty of storage space. still have empty spaces at the bottom. ;)


i’m reading…

i don’t really have time to read during the week, with all my doctor’s appts and what not. this week, i saw this book on amazon and had my local library held it for me. i just picked it up on friday and it’s what i’m reading this weekend. these are like little treats to me.


gorgeously green

the book is gorgeously green and so far it’s a great read. i’m not done with it yet but i love how she emphasize again and again on how you can start with just 1 green thing a day. it’s nothing overwhelming or hard to do. some very eye-pleasing things about this book is the way the book is laid out and typed. the pages all have a pastel green border at the bottom!

i do so love to read these green living books! :D i can’t wait to check out her website in more detail at http://www.gorgeouslygreen.com!

on a side note, i received my $25 giftcard from this promo and another $25 from buy.com for completing a trial offer from checkoutfree.com. :D i do love these free trial offers!



yesterday i went to my weekly NST at the hospital. when the nurse finished hooking me up to the monitor, she left. after 30 minutes she came back to check on me. she remarked to me, “wow, you had a big contraction there!” i did? she asked me if i felt it and i told her i thought it was heartburn!! isn’t that silly of me? you would think i would know by now what is a contraction and what is not….LOL i still can’t get over that.

so she left again and said she’ll come back to check on me. when i was alone, i knew then that what i thought was heartburn was really contractions. they were coming every few minutes and there were another 1 or 2 really big ones!!

the nurse came back and told me that me if i actually go in to labor at this point in time, they’ll just let me because i’m already 35 weeks and a few days. i know i can’t wait to have the baby but i still want to wait another few weeks and i’ll feel a lot better about the whole thing. anyway, she released me after talking with the doctor. i was just told to really pay attention and to go in if anything major happens, ie: water break, bleeding, etc. you know the normal stuff.

as soon as i got home, i told james that we needed to get the hospital bag ready. like seriously. i’m already pre-registered at the hospital, we packed some spare clothes for me and a coming home outfit for the baby, filled out the birth certificate paperwork, and our overnight parking pass. i felt much better! whew!

the contractions wasn’t really painful and they went away, for the most part. i was getting braxton hicks on and off all day today though. i can’t believe i’m really almost there!!! woohoo!


reusable fresh snack pack

i had to use so much plastic lunch bags the last few days that i got really really tired of them. i hate using them and throwing them away. i saw these last time but wasn’t going to buy any until we’re done with using whatever plastic bags we had. i couldn’t wait. amazon have these as part of their 4-for-3 promotion and i snatch 4 (8 snack packs in all – 1 small and 1 big one per pack) of them. it’s too bad that they’re temporarily out of stock. :( anyhow, i can’t wait to get them and start utilizing them. our lunch bags from pottery barn kids should be here monday too. that’s something to be excited about. :D