happy father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day!! :)

Today was especially warm, even with the breeze. we went to my newphew’s house for a welcome party for their newborn baby girl.┬áThe baby girl is just beautiful! Faith asked me if we’re going to have another baby and I said no. Two girls and two boys are enough for me. She got to hold the baby a few times and she was just so happy. She said babies are so much easier to hold and watch than her almost 20 month old baby brother. I told her they all grow up. That’s what babies too. LOL

Congratulations to the happy couple!!


Another year older… and many more!!

I know I have been terrible at keeping this blog alive and posting updates, yet I can’t let this domain just go. Call it some kind of sentimental feeling, which there is, as this domain was born in 2001. More than a decade ago, before I was married, before I had my first baby, before the most important things and people came into my life. It was along for the long journey, through the multiple changes and face lifts including the good and bad. Even though I was not consistent, this still housed some of my most precious memories through the many years and a reminder of the little details that would otherwise be forgotten.

Turning another year older sure makes me nostalgic! Hoping your weekend is going fabulously!

Thanks for visiting and reading. ^_^


Goodbye Google Reader! Hello Feedly!

Google has announced it will axed the Reader in the next couple of months. Sad sad sad! :(

Today, I did a search on readers and found Feedly. It's a lot more intuitive and prettier than GR. I like that it has an app (everything has an app, yeah?), you can access via Google, anf

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