sf valentine weekend

this weekend, we took the girls to san francisco. we stayed at the marriott residence inn on oyster point blvd. it was very nice and refreshing as it wasn’t in a crowded part of the city. it was next to the highway and to a little lake. there were mostly businesses around it so it was very quiet. i actually read some bad reviews of the place but decided to give it a try anyway because they have supposedly been remodeled.

we used our free marriott nights that were expiring in march and was put in a 1 bedroom with a sofa sleeper and full kitchenette. worked out for us. plus all marriott residence inns offer free breakfast buffet in the morning. the best residence inn buffet so far was the marriott in anaheim where we stayed during our disneyland trip. there was PLENTY of food to go around and lotsa varieties. during our overnight stay in the sheraton in florida, their paid breakfast buffet couldn’t even begin to compare to the residence inn’s in anaheim. thankfully, we didn’t have to pay for the sheraton’s. that’s another long story so here are the photos:

copydsc 5286

here’s faith all ready for our aquarium of the bay trip. it was actually pouring that day. :(

copydsc 5293

jaelynn and faith inside the aquarium.

copydsc 5299

faith posing.

copydsc 5330

faith was waiting for her chance to touch the stingrays but they just wouldn’t swim our way. so jaelynn pointed at them and yelled “come over here” in her baby voice.

copydsc 5333

of course, then she got scared once they did swam over and thus, that expression.

copydsc 5346

faith wanted to touch everything. here james was helping her to reach the fish. otherwise, she’ll probably get to swim with them.

copydsc 5357

reaching the end of the tour, they sat down to do some activities. this one was counting the number of water drops onto the penny without spilling onto the side.

copydsc 5359

james with the girls.

copydsc 5361

jaelynn concentrating real hard. lol she just loves playing with water in general.

copydsc 5372

taking a walk outside the hotel before leaving on monday. overall, i would definitely stay here again.

we actually roamed around chinatown on saturday afternoon and then left because of the rain. i was going to take some photos but i forgot to charge my battery and so no photos.

one of the reasons i was looking foward to the trip was to eat some good chinese food. james bought some chow mein and chow fun in chinatown but they were really bland and just not good. we couldn’t finish them and toss out more than half. we stopped on saturday on our way back to the marriot at this restaurant on san bruno. i think it was called “wong hing restaurant” and they have food ready for take out.

it’s funny because i felt like i was in one of those stephen chow’s movies. :) love the atmosphere. i bought some bbq park, half a roast duck, and beef fried rice as a last thought. i got plenty of food for less than $20. so how was the food? let’s just say, they were so good we went back again the next day and got plenty to take home. we had them for a late lunch and again for dinner. and again today. instead of the bbq pork (since they were out) we got the beef spare ribs and they were even better. seriously. aaahh…good food and good times with family. can’t beat that. ;)


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Oh it’s that sweet day of the year again! I hope everyone have a wonderful Valentine’s Day today! :D

in other things, my blog all of a sudden wouldn’t load and i couldn’t login!! i was freaking out. i finally found a fix (i hope) and so far it’s looking okay. there are so many plugins i want to install but that’ll have to wait until monday…:)

oh and i have also work diligently on my other fansite, http://vicki-zhao.com <– take a look. :)000


had my ultrasound

i went for my 19th-20th week ultrasound yesterday. yes, i’m having my 3rd baby but each time i see him on the little monitor screen, it feels like the first time.

i think carrying a baby inside me for 9 months is one of the most beautiful thing ever. you get to see them (your tummy) grow and feel their movements. sure you get sick too, but the overall experience, is simply “priceless”.

i know for sure, when i’m old and a become a great-grandmother, these things – being pregnant, raising my babies and seeing them grow up will be the thing i’ll miss most. i can almost cry just thinking about it. LOL

i look at my daughters now and i think to myself, what’s more satisfying than being with my kids and seeing them be all silly and funny? nothing. they are my life and joy and if i could, i’ll have 10 or so kids. i know financially, i can’t. in the meantime, i’ll loving every second of motherhood and all the memories we create each day.

i know the topic is about my ultrasound…so they made me drink 24 ounces of water 2 hours before my appt. i was dying to go after drinking most of that and couldn’t wait so i cheated. i went and head over to the clinic. i drank more water on my way and was literally in pain when i got there because my bladder was so full!

the ultrasound tech was having mercy on me and let me go relieve myself after 10 minutes. i came back and proceed through the rest of the ultrasound without holding my breath or bladder.

the little bean was so cute on the monitor. he was moving so much too! there were times when she couldn’t freeze the screen fast enough. we were both giggling – the tech and i. everything looks great. i heard his heartbeat and he did a bunch of flips for me. lol he even waved. and he wasn’t shy about showing off at all. the tech said “he’s definitely all boy!”. i so wish i can have a recording of the whole thing to keep.

she burned all the photos for me to show it to the girls and james but unfortunately all the folders on the disk were empty!!! :(


head and shoulders?

have you ever see one of those head and shoulders commercial? i really really like them. especially the “healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp” line they have going.

head and shoulders products

so a few weeks ago, disregarding the fact that their shampoo have tons of ingredients my scalp probably wouldn’t like, i bought a huge container at costco.

after 3 days of using it (and i just never seem to get the clean scalp or beautiful hair without dandruff), i was getting a bunch of tiny little reddish bumps at the back of my hairline. and they were really itchy and irritating. i asked james to see if they were pimple-like and he said no. but boy, were they itchy or what! i couldn’t stop scratching them and he said maybe it was something i used.

i tried really, to use more natural-like or products without a bunch of ingredients – such as parabens or in this case with shampoos and conditioners – methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone. everytime i see these ingredients, i think, do i want to use this product? i remember reading something about these a year or so back and had in mind it’s not something i’ll want to use.

but the “healthy scalp and healthy hair” line really got to me so i did. big mistake, i know. i’ve also tried regular brands like tresemme, dove, patene, vivie, and a bunch of others.

i went back to using my regular stuff – shikai’s color shampoos & conditioners and yes to carrots (oh try their conditioner – smells great and make your hair smoother). while i haven’t yet reach the “healthy scalp and healthy hair” stage, at least i don’t have an itchy scalp.