4×4 ride on!

i bought 3 packs of the kodak ultima photo paper of 4×6 100 a pack for $14.55 including tax! i’m really stocking up. :D that new baby’s going to be in lotsa pictures.

faith’s birthday is coming up so guess what i got for her? a Ride-on Lil Explorer 4×4 from jcpenney! it’s originally $99.99 but they have it on sale for $39.99 and there’s this coupon i used to get an additional $5 off so my total came to under $43 including delivery and tax! what a cool deal! i can’t wait to teach her how to ride one of these and at this price, it’s better than awesome! i’ve always wanted to get her one but they are expensive and this sale just make it all that much sweeter!

also my canon ink tanks came today! yahoo! i always try to remember and stock on them before i ran out completely so my supplies are replenish again.


more photo printing!

faithpaper paper

we went to costco and i saw these professional glossy photo paper from kirkland at $18.99 for 125 sheets of 8.5 x 11! wow and they are 10mil thick which i thought was pretty neat since the canon pro are only 9.6mil thick and i love them! so i bought them and figured i’ll test it and if i can’t adjust the colors and the photos come out looking dark or grainy i’ll take them back. the 1st photo is my test print of faith on the 8.5 x 11 photo paper and i’m amazed! it looks just like something you’ll get from a professional photo lab!! i love it! so i’m keeping it and i didn’t even tweak the color settings. you gotta love the thickness of the paper too! and at $18.99 for 125 sheets, it’s about 68 cents for a print. awesome! i checked on ebay and saw someone sold one of these pack for $25.00 GBP!

remember how i was complaining about the kodak premium picture paper on the last post? because i didn’t get great pictures printing from them? and they are thin? well i happened to browse by this photo forum and saw a site on kodak that will show you how to tweak your printer settings to get the best results printing on the kodak paper.

it’s here: kodak printer settings

after changing my settings to the ones for my photo printer, the canon ip5000, the prints came out looking much much better! woohoo! and if it comes out looking great, i don’t mind the thinness at all! whew! now i can finally use up all my kodak papers i have left. no more complaining!

kodak’s having a sale too! 50% off your photo paper if buy in two or more packs and free shipping! so stock up y’all!

buy direct from kodak.com

take a look at their ultima papers, it’s also 10mil thick (.4 thicker than canon’s) and going at $8.99 for a pack of 100 in 4×6 sizes! this is awesome! i love the canon’s but i’m getting fond of these kodak’s too. the ultima is supposely better than the premium so…stocking up for the new baby! :)

last but not least, new photos of faith at faithlog.com. :D


new phones!


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first thing first, congrats to cynthia! she have a baby girl!

i finally received my powershot camera back from canon! it’s fixed…thank goodness! now i can take pictures again.

james’ took his dvd player (portable) back because he said we don’t use it much (only twice since we got it). we have to pay a 15% restocking fee but that’s alright if he doesn’t want it.

what we did end up getting were 2 sony ericsson w600i (walkman) phones from cingular. since i’ve want one for a year now, paying $49.99 after rebate is just awesome!!! and since we migrated from att, there’s no upgrade or activation fee and we get 200 additional anytime minutes free every month and a $20 credit on our first bill. not bad considering i’m getting the phone i want. :D

i have a canon pixma ip5000 photo printer and it prints great on the canon photo paper pro 4×6 in but horrible on the kodak premium photo paper (to the point where i think it’s the camera and printer’s fault)! the photos are very horrible and the photo paper feel very cheap because they are thin thin thin! i love the felt and weight of the canon photo paper pros because they felt very solid prints awesome! it’s just more expensive at about 30cents / print but since i print alot of pictures of faith and put it in her albums, i do not want it to fade or look bad, which they do.

so what i did was buy 2 packs of 75 each 4×6 canon photo paper pro from buy.com and got free shipping! plus if you use your citibank dividend card, you also get 3% back for shopping at buy.com and 1% for using the card. cool huh? i can’t wait to print on these paper again as i’m disappointed time and time again each time i print out on the kodak or look at the previous prints on the kodak paper! i still have a bunch left but decide what the heck! i’ll just get the canon paper and get beautiful prints at the same time!

i also bought 5 tanks of canon ink from ebay for my photo printer. i love it that you don’t have to change all the colors if one dries out. it’s save me a lot of money and even when i get the low ink message, i’ll keep printing until it stops and prompts me to change the ink. and you only change the one that’s out, not all. i haven’t notice any noticeable output doing that.


theme switcher?

does anyone know how i can do a little theme switcher for the blog? i’ve search on wordpress.org and haven’t find what i’m looking for.

i added the threaded comment plugins so i can reply to comments. yeah! i love that! and i want to make a theme really bad but i don’t have time so oh well.

i created a flickr account so i can upload my photos. everything is gone from my hard-drive when i had to do a system recovery a few months ago. then my camera wouldn’t turn on and thank goodness! it’s still under warranty so canon’s fixing it for no charge. it’s the second time we had to send it in. bummer! :( so no photos for a while.

this morning james’ was watching the HSN channel and their product “stain r out” was featured so we decided to try some samples. just placed an order for that. i think that’s the third thing we’ve ordered this month from tv.

my space bags and paint rollers from qvc came a week ago. i haven’t use the paint roller yet but i’ve use all the space bags for my comforters, blankets, and sheets except for 4 and there were a total of 14 bags for $28! it was a great deal seeing how well i thought they work. we were able to clean out the walk-in closet by using those bags (4 jumbo, 5 large, 5 medium), plus i like it that mold and mildew wouldn’t get it.

i’m going to install some more plugins later. hopefully they won’t ruin my blog. :)

have a super duper 3 day weekend!