New theme!

isn’t this more suitable to baby girls? :D and no i did not make this theme. it’s a free theme from wordpress. lovely, isn’t it?

lotsa joy to cynthia who is expecting her baby very very very soon! and how many more months do i have to go? at least 3! i can’t wait!
i arrived 10 minutes early to my appointment yesterday and they made me wait 40 minutes before i was called because they have to squeezed in their late patients. >< urgh! they were very apologetic (sp?) but 40 minutes? they told me 20 at most! needless to say, everyone who arrived after me were called first. my glucose (GD) test is scheduled for june 26, which is also my next appointment. i was limping yesterday (and still a little today) because i had a very bad charlie horse in the morning! my goodness! it was extra extra extra horrible! :( coupon hunters, check out slick deals for valuable coupons all the time. love that site! ;)
oh and i just found this graco stroller and infant carseat combo which supposedly have high safety ratings. it’s what i’m going to get.


Get $20 just for bidding on ebay!

Okay, so I’ve never post something like this before and yes, I’m a very skeptical person but this worked and I just received $20 in my paypal account today.

All you need to do is sign up for their free service (using your paypal email address), add an auction to your watch list and they’ll call you before your auction ends. You just need to make a bid over the phone and voola! yes voola! you will receive $20 in your paypal account in a day or two!

Please note that you DO NOT have to win the auction to get the $20. Just placing a bid when they call you is all you need to do.

leave a comment with your emaill address and I’ll send you an invitation.


James’ Birthday

We didn’t do much because he didn’t want to do anything. And we both worked on monday so I got him a Polaroid 8″ Portable Dvd Player from Circuit City (see it here) – we were going to get one from Wal-mart during their after thanksgiving sale but we didn’t.

After reading all the good reviews on it from CC, that they actually have one in stock at the CC near us despite the site saying it’s only availabe online, and that the supervisor was willing to give it to me at the $149.99 price (when it’s listed as $199.99 in-store), I’ve found what I want to give James. :D

I like this because it can play back cd-+r and dvd-+r which is a great plus and it’s got a rotating screen. We’ll be taking our first 2 hour trip with the player tomorrow morning. I can already tell you that it’s going to be playing Faith’s Barneys and Shrek dvds instead of what we want to watch. Regardless, we’ll see how it works.


4 and 1/2 months to go! halfway there!

for a while it seems, the blog will be all baby-related. :D

the more i look at the beddings, the more i love the pottery barn kids theme. like xer, pink and light green are great combo colors. until i see something even better than that, that’s what i’ll be getting. but then i’ve already changed my mind from the first 3. and now all i need is to just win that 10% off coupon at pottery barns kids from ebay.

faith’s been pretty cranky these last weeks. she’ll play all day at her aunt’s, no naps, and then when i pick her up, falls right asleep in the car and doesn’t wake up for over an hour. then of course, she’s going to stay up until mid-night playing at home and watching her barney’s videos. it’s kinda like a tug-of-war trying to get her to sleep. anyway, it’s really getting to me and i’m just so tired. and did i mention she doesn’t get up in the morning when james take her to her aunt’s? she’ll sleep all the way there and then some.

so the good news (or bad news to me) is that i’ve already gained 21 heavy pounds! oh-goodness! i do not want to gain anymore and i still have june, july, august, and the first week of september to go through…yikes! so i’m going to do some prenatal pilates. we’ll see how that goes. i still need to get the dvd from target – now only if they have it in stock.

and this baby’s definitely doing somersaults in my tummy. she’s so active! :D