Clarins Bright Plus products

I love Ebay. I love Clarins. I also love it when I can find great deals on Clarins (or other products) through Ebay. Win win for me! :D


Clarins Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum and Mask

This came in the mail two days ago – the Clarins Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum and Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Mask (.28 oz x 8). I paid about $32 for these items including shipping and they were listed as new.


8 individual tubes containing .28 oz of product


Clarins Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Mask


Clarins Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Mask cream

 The masks are all individually sealed and should be use twice a week for 4 weeks, hence the 8 tubes are single doses. I received one of the tubes as a sample a while back and let me tell you, it lasted me at least 4 uses and 2 of those times I thought I put too much on. There is no way I can use one tube each time so they will last way longer. Yeah me! Anyway, I finished up that sample and really missed not having it afterwards. I’m thrilled to have won this set. I just love the barely there scent, the luxurious and easy to spread cream, and how it seems to instantly brighten up my complexion once rinsed off. I don’t know if there’s any long term benefit but I enjoyed it very much. Enough that I want to use it continuously! I am going to commit to twice a week for 4 weeks just with this mask to find out.


Clarins Bright Plus HP Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum

Now, the serum I have never try but since it was from the same seller, I decided to bid and won! The pump bottle is 1.06 oz and the serum smells very nice too. I will use this in the morning just on my spots before my moisturizer and see if there’s any “brightening”. Even if it doesn’t do much, I won’t be crying buckets of tears since I didn’t pay full price.

Thumbs up to Ebay!



Movies: { So Young } and { Fleet of Time }

I recently got the chance to watch Fleet of Time with Eddie Peng and Ni Ni and what’s really weird is how much I kept thinking back to the So Young and kept comparing the two movies in my head. These movies still linger in my mind, most likely due to the nostalgic and bittersweet feelings they left behind. This blog post is a result of that and which one is my favorite.

So Young (2013) – starring Mark Chao, Yang Zishan, Han Geng, and Maggie Jiang


From Amazon:

Synopsis: In the brink of the 90s, 18-year-old Zheng Wei steps into her university life with a hopeful heart for love. She forms a great friendship with her roommates and united as a group, they embark on their university life together. Wei meets Chen Hao-Zheng in a chance encounter, and despite initial reluctance, Chen accepts Wei as his girlfriend and the two become inseparable. Four years of university life pass and Wei looks forward to establishing a life together with Chen. However, Chen is forced into an impossible decision to leave Wei. Devastated, Wei decides to start afresh. A decade later, Wei’s previous lovers Lin and Chen both find their way back into her life and she has to make a choice of her next step in life.

So Young is Vicki Zhao Wei’s directorial debut starring the fabulous Mark Chao (yes I totally love him! :D) and the Vicki act-a-like (I mean that in a good way!) Yang Zishan as they meet and fall in love during university life. I was really sucked into this by the acting of the fresh faces and amazed by Mark Chao right after watching him starred opposite Vicki in Love. The movie is also adapted from a novel, translated to “To our youth that is fading away”. This starts with life from university to college and after. Yang Zishan really amazed me in here. Her acting was spot on and reminds me so much of Vicki in her earlier roles. Without trying to reveal any spoilers, I’m going to be kind of vague. I find them totally sweet and I adore the supporting cast. I like the tight bond and friendship that the whole group had and how it was portrayed. The last scene is beautiful to me, especially since it was a flashback, but one that was not revealed to the audiences before. It was so bittersweet and touching. I cried and hurt for them.

Fleet of Time (2014) – starring Eddie Peng, Ni Ni, Zheng Kai, Wei Chen, and Zhang Zixuan.


From Wiki:

The film is adapted from the popular novel of the same name by Chinese writer Jiu Yehui (???). Its a coming of age tale of a close group of friends as they experience high school, college and eventually adulthood through the 90s and 2000s

Fresh from watching Eddie Peng in Sound of the Desert (which is not done being English subbed yet), I almost couldn’t recognized him when I first watched Fleet of Time. I had to rewatched the opening credits for the cast to really make sure it was him. LOL This movie also start off with their years in university, in college, and afterwards. Most of the events are told through flashbacks. I actually found that just a tad too distracting in here as some of the them created more questions. It was a little shaking with the jumping back and forth. It made it seem like all the characters were just a little too pre-occupied with the past even as a wedding was going on and they all seemed to be successful people. I find Eddie and Ni Ni’s characters in here cute too, but only for a while. Again, without revealing any spoilers, I thought this movie was messy due to the way the story unfolded (with flashbacks). There were two scenes that I thought were very well done and left lasting impressions in my mind. Both were emotional with the 2nd just totally riveting. And yes I cried and hurt for them too.

Quick comparisons:

Characters: I love the casts in So Young more. The group was more engaging, funnier but still stuck together.

Love Story: So Young again. How should I say this without spoiling anything? I can’t… without giving away some details so…

Flow of the story: So Young because it wasn’t told in multiple flashbacks. It was more straightforward so it was less chopping.

Plot: So Young because everyone was way too absorbed in the past in Fleet of Time. The time before and during the wedding was just the past, the past, and the past. Let’s just say I don’t think the marriage will be a lasting one.

Favorite: So Young because I have rewatched this one many times. I enjoyed the interactions and goofiness of all the cast. I like the spunkiness of Zheng Wei (Yang Zishan) and the quietness (but adorable) of Xiaozheng (Mark Chao). While both movies will pop in and out of my head for a long time for nostalgic reasons, I don’t think that I will be rewatching Fleet of Time any time soon.

Have you watched any of these two movies? What did you think? Which one is your favorite? I would love to know. :)

Review: Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

I love Nars, especially their blushes and lipsticks. Simple as that. I haven’t had any luck with their foundations but that is okay. Here I want to share one of their newest line of lipsticks – the Nars Audacious Lipsticks. These are not totally matte and they aren’t shiny either. I would describe them as a creamy, semi-matte lipstick. And they really lasts. Yes.


Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

Here is how Nars described the Audacious lipsticks:

Dramatic Depth. Unstoppable Character.

Modern lipstick so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious. Unadulterated luxury glides on like satin across skin with single-stroke coverage. A spectrum of 40 shades for unstoppable impact.

  • One-stroke, full-coverage creamy wear
  • Luxurious texture and enriched with ingredients to smooth and nourish lips
  • Long-lasting


Top: 3 swipes Bottom: 1 swipe

I think so too. The shade I ended up picking is Brigitte, described as a “nude rose”. On me, it is more of a soft muted pink. It is such a pretty everyday color. It is not too bright which I didn’t want. It is very creamy and 1 swipe gives great coverage. It never fell dry as the day progressed and I love how long lasting it is. I like to swipe it on and blend using a lip brush and adding as necessary to get a light even layer. It does fade a bit after eating but I still like the look enough to not have to re-apply. It leaves a nice natural touch of color on the lips.


Worn on the lips. 3rd photo: lips blotted twice with tissue.

Compare to the Nars matte lipsticks and the velvet matte lip pencils, the formula of the Audacious line is my favorite formula yet. It is not as drying as the matte lipsticks but lasts a lot longer than the lip pencils. It also provides more coverage per swipe.

Love it!

Testing: Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation

I’m a big big fan of base makeup, especially liquid foundations. I think a great base makes your skin look really even and flawless. I am comfortable stepping out with just my base foundation and a pretty lipstick. Yeah, the most effortless look is what I go for.


Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide foundation

A foundation I’m currently testing is Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation in Macadamia. I’ve tried a few of Laura Mercier’s foundations but none made an impression and the shades were always off somehow. I just gave up. Then last week, I was at Sephora and saw the Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation and wanted to give it a go. I was matched to the shade Macadamia, which is described as “light with warm underones”. I wore it for 2 days and I am loving it! There is enough for at least 2 more wear sessions and it will go on my Wishlist.


Swatch on back of hand – shade Macadamia

I will describe the formula as a bit running, light to medium coverage and works very well for my dry, combination skin. It is lovely and comfortable to wear and lasts all day on me. I have tried applying it with a beauty blender and a stippling brush and both way works well though I prefer the stippling brush just a tad more. It is very easy to blend using the brush though if you dot it all over your face first, you’ll have to work fast or it will start to dry up. I apply a light layer all over and add another layer to my upper checks where I have brown spots.


Left: Bare face with sunscreen. Right: With foundation only. 

The shade, Macadamia, is a great match for my skin at this time. I prefer foundations that even out the skin tone more than trying to cover up every imperfection on my face. This would be an everyday wear foundation as it is light, as opposed to the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation I also love (will review soon) and is heavier. I also prefer this to the Givenchy Fluid Foundation Airy-Light Mat Radiance. The Givenchy offers lighter coverage and the shade match isn’t as good as Laura Mercier’s.

I definitely recommend trying this foundation as it is very comfortable to wear and is buildable.

Have you try Laura Mercier’s Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation yet?

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